4 generations of family ownership - the Reddish legacy

Last Updated: 5 September 2022


The Parrott Family
Current Managing Director Lee (right) and the Parrott Family

Reddish Joinery, the specialist installer and manufacturer of home-improvement solutions based in Reddish, are delighted to announce that they’ve now entered into their fourth generation of family ownership. Their current managing director is Lee Parrott, who brought Reddish into its third generation of Parrott family ownership.

Keeping it in the family

A few years ago, the kids from the Parrott family inherited some money. As a family, it was decided the kids should buy the only shares in the company that aren’t owned by Lee and his wife Caroline, who is the company’s Sales Executive. As luck would have it, Lee’s mum and dad, the second generation to own the company, owned the remaining shares. In an almost passing of the torch like fashion, the second generation of Reddish ownership will be making way for the fourth. This means four generations of the Parrott family will soon own Reddish Joinery!

A brief history of Reddish Joinery

The Parrott family established Reddish Joinery back in 1967. The company moved into its current Reddish-based home back in 1980 and has been here ever since. Reddish Joinery specialises in the manufacture and installation of bespoke home-improvement products. Reddish, a FENSA accredited company, has a product range featuring everything from windows and doors to roofline and decking.

Long-term commitment to sustainability

The Reddish philosophy consists of high-quality products, great customer service and a commitment to sustainability. Their commitment to using Accoya wood is evidence of this. This is because the lifespan of Accoya, a non-toxic, high-performance timber, is around 80 years. It is hoped that, by having seen the importance of caring for the environment themselves, the new generation will continue Reddish’ exemplary commitment to sustainability in the future. This may extend to the continued use of sustainable materials and streamlining manufacturing processes so they’re more eco-friendly.

With the company now moving into its fourth generation of ownership, the excellent legacy crafted by the previous three generations looks set to continue. Whether four generations of Parrott family ownership will become five, only time will tell. Although, if history is anything to go by, that scenario seems as likely as any.

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