We’re firm believers that wood looks good. But timber products need care to keep them in top shape, especially when they are exposed to the outdoors. Enter Millboard decking. Regarded by many as one of the world’s best timber decking alternatives, it’s a wood-free outdoor flooring option capable of withstanding heavy use and harsh weather conditions, without needing treating or protecting.

All the beauty of natural timber, with some subtle appreciated improvements

Offering homeowners an inherently attractive and high quality alternative to traditional timber decking, Reddish Joinery are delighted to offer local homeowners hoping to bring their outdoor living space to life using wood-like decking from Millboard. Beautifully handcrafted and moulded from real oak, Millboard confidently overcomes traditional timber’s high maintenance sensibilities while still boasting a completely natural wood-like aesthetic.

Though already unlikely, any risk of warping, rotting, and even insect infestation has been effectively designed out of each Millboard decking slab, having been engineered from a composite that actively resists wet conditions while remaining natural strong thanks to a solid core and unique “cellular” solid structure. Whether intended as a seamless blend between conservatory and garden, seaside-retreat, or simple urban terrace, our team can fit Millboard decking to be hardwearing and long-lasting.

Cleverly engineered wood-free flooring in a multitude of styles

Each slab of Millboard decking begins its journey with real timber, creating moulds that ensures the finished product can easily replicate the character of original wood. Designed in Britain and manufactured in Britain, from here the beautiful Millboard can be easily styled, supplied, and installed in a range of traditional woodgrain tones and shades to suit every occasion.

We install Millboard decking in both Enhanced Grain and Weathered Oak styles, each offering their own unique aesthetic benefits that make them suitable for both traditional and contemporary outside areas. Colours such as Jarrah, Coppered, and Golden Oak helps every Enhanced Grain deck add a sense of grandeur to any outside retreat, while Weathered Oak never fails to introduce a convincing “lived-in” feel in either Driftwood or Vintage tones.

Attractive decking ideal for the 21st century homeowner

Homeowners never have to feel guilty when opting for new decking installed by Reddish using the Millboard brand, with the entire system being eco-friendly thanks to the use of unique composite material as opposed to true timber. All Millboard decking is as beautiful as traditional hardwood yet engineered to improve it, introducing a classic look and feel capable of being enjoyed for many years to come.

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