Stained glass is the perfect way to add unrivalled elegance to your home. With a long and illustrious history, stained glass is perfectly suited to traditional properties or homes in conservation areas, serving to enhance a property’s age.

Modern expertise, traditional techniques

All of our stained glass combines modern engineering technology with traditional knowledge and techniques, to create a window that remains authentic to traditional design whilst possessing excellent thermal qualities.

Stained glass specialists

Our team of experienced, high skilled artisans and fitters are always on hand to offer you expert advice when it comes to choosing the perfect stained glass windows for your home.

Why choose stained glass windows?

    • Beautiful aesthetics

Stained glass windows really are a beautiful way of adding a beautiful, traditional touch to a property. Used in high status buildings for hundreds of years, stained glass units can now be used viably in a wide range of domestic homes.

    • Versatile design

Thanks to modern manufacture, stained glass windows can now be fitted in a variety of different windows; from casement to sashes, offering increased versatility when it comes to stained glass.

    • Increased privacy

Stained glass is also great way to add privacy to a property. Stained glass windows reduce how much people can see into your property.

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Why you should consider stained glass windows for your home.

Make your home stand out with stained glass windows.