Why you should consider stained glass windows for your home

Last Updated: 5 September 2022

Stained glass windows

Whilst the first stained glass windows are believed to have been used on the homes of wealthy Romans, their resurgence in popularity in recent decades means, nowadays, they’re available to the average homeowner. So if you’d like to emulate a wealthy Roman, then you should have some fitted on your home. Although, there’s plenty of other reasons to consider them too, which we’ve explored in this blog.

Increase your property’s visual appeal

First and foremost, stained glass windows look incredibly appealing, especially in conjunction with modern uPVC windows. Often, churches and cathedrals constructed during the Medieval and Gothic periods were fitted with them. Religious buildings were of central importance to society at this time. This means stained glass windows played an important role enhancing the look of these structures. Because of their use in traditional forms of architecture, they’re also ideal for evoking a classical feel throughout your home.

Stained glass windows can be used in a variety of  applications

If the only place you’ve seen stained glass windows fitted is on your local church, you could be forgiven for thinking they’re only suitable for use on windows that are unable to open or close. Nowadays, however, stained glass can be fitted upon casements, sash windows and many other types of window. Therefore, you needn’t worry about changing the types of window fitted on your home in order to incorporate artistic glass.

Create a stylish focal point for your home

Reddish Joinery Stained Glass Window One of the largest rose shaped windows in the world is fitted on the Notre Dame chapel, a feature which instantly draws the attention of those in attendance. Whilst your home may not be suitable for a design this large, having a single stained glass window fitted in your home can have the same effect on your guests or on those passing by your property.

Reduce light intake in certain areas

Generally, stained glass allows less light through than standard glass. So, if there’s an area of your home where you’d like to limit the amount of light coming inside, they’re an ideal solution. Stained, or decorative, glass is also more difficult to see through, meaning you’re able to increase levels of privacy too.

Reflect your personality

Stained glass is available in a variety of unique designs, many of which are likely to be a reflection of things you like or are interested in. Maybe you love a certain animal or flower, or even a geometric design of some kind. Regardless, with so many different patterns and images to choose from, you can represent your distinctive personality throughout your home.

Interested in a stained glass window or two for your home? Get in touch with Reddish Joinery today. You can benefit from a wide array of stained glass designs with modern levels of thermal insulation. We’re available to call on 0161 969 7474 or can be contacted online.

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