A timber orangery in traditional chartwell green

Add a bright and comfortable space to your home with our timber orangeries

Timber orangeries from Reddish Joinery are a luxurious alternative to conservatories. Orangeries are the perfect place to relax and can be used as anything from a kitchen and dining room, to lounge or indoor garden. More stylish than a conservatory and brighter than an extension, orangeries are considered a more permanent addition to a home. With brick pillars, a flat roof, and an atrium top, orangeries improve the standard of any home.

Enhanced energy efficiency and aesthetics

Made from high-quality timber, our orangeries offer superb levels of thermal and acoustic insulation as well as impeccable aesthetics. Timber has incredible durability and weatherproofing, making it perfect for use in orangeries. Our orangeries are suitable for use in the extremes of Summer and Winter and can be used all year round.

Thanks to their energy-saving design, timber orangeries from Reddish will help to reduce your energy consumption, saving you money on the cost of your heating bills.

Bespoke orangeries and custom designs

We can build a custom orangery from your own design or help you with the design process. Our experts will work alongside all our customers to help you to customise your new structure to your exact specifications. Our timber orangeries can be fitted with triple glazing to further increase their energy efficiency and security levels. The timber frames can be supplied with energy-efficient, self-clean sealed roof units which use UV light to break down dirt, for a sparkling low-maintenance finish.

Enjoy your orangery all year round

The sealed units use Low-E glass, which reflects heat in the summer and absorbs it in the winter. Low-e glass helps your windows to match the energy efficiency provided by insulated walls. Our orangeries are glazed with argon gas so you will never be too hot or too cold. Choose from Neutral, Aqua, Blue, Bronze or Satin glass to provide an attractive tint, reduce solar glare or provide extra privacy. 

Our timber orangeries also come with a wide range of colour options from translucent stains to opaque pastel shades and bright colours.

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