Husband and wife dream team celebrate their first successful year together at Reddish

Last Updated: 2 August 2023

Lee and caroline

Reddish Joinery have remained a family-run company since 1972, providing high quality home improvement products to the people of Cheshire, Sale and Warrington, building up a friendly reputation within the local community along the way.

Just over a year ago Reddish were lucky enough to welcome Caroline to the family-run team, here’s what husband and business partner Lee Parrott had to say:

”Caroline and I have now been working together for 1 year! It was a difficult step for Caroline to come and join her family business. For some people it would be a no-brainer but we all no that working together isn’t easy, especially if you are related. It was clear to me that Caroline should work within the company as we were crying out for a woman’s touch in the sales dept. Caroline had worked in lettings previously and she dealt with members of the public day in day out and I knew she had the capability to learn our vast range of products and be able to explain them to potential and existing customers.”

An unexpected success that MD Lee Parrott was initially unsure of

”The difficulty for Caroline making the decision to come and work at Reddish Joinery was down to the dreaded thought of working with her husband, ME!!! That actually proved the easy part as Caroline spends most of her time on the road meeting customers and we make it a rule to not talk too much about work at home. In all honesty I talk about work less at home now than I did before Caroline worked at the company and I think that’s down to the fact that I get chance to clear my mind with her at work in the day time.”

”Caroline has always been a good listener when it comes to work and she has always been there when I need an outsiders point of view or customers point of view. I don’t think I’ve lost that viewpoint now Caroline is here, I think that she is still able to take a step back and see it from a customer’s angle as she deals with our customers day in day out.”

An exciting future ahead thanks to Caroline’s effective implementation

”Caroline has exceeded my expectations in sales and I think she has exceeded her own. If Caroline didn’t want to join the company then I think it wouldn’t be the same place it is today and that’s only after a year! The plans going forward are to get Caroline working on the newest projects we take on and to help keep us on track with our customers’ expectations, needs and wants.”

Going forward Lee and Caroline hope to continue their unique partnership together in the hope of propelling Reddish Joinery further in the home improvement industry, still maintaining the family spirit and quality service that has given them great success today!

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