We’re celebrating 50 years as a family run business

Last Updated: 8 February 2023


There aren’t too many local home improvement companies that can quite comfortably celebrate their 50th anniversary in business. Thankfully, it’s with great pleasure and pride that we can say that for us, 2017 signifies this momentous landmark, with Reddish Joinery still remaining a family run home improvement company with a passion for 100% personal service.

It’s not every day a business can celebrate this occasion, so we thought we’d take the chance to reflect about the people, services, and products that helped make this possible.

A humble beginning made possible due to one engineer’s ambition

Established in 1967, Reddish Joinery was the brainchild of current MD Lee Parrott’s grandfather Doug who initially set up the company when hoping to get somewhere in life. A simple pattern maker and engineer at the time, Doug ultimately found himself wanting to earn more income to better support his wife and children and make ends meet. It wasn’t too long before he eventually found himself measuring windows and doors, installing them whenever he found the time.

After a couple of years it was obvious that home improvement was Doug’s real passion, deciding to start the company. A humble Reddish Joinery before long moved from a garage to a rented unit in Leicester Street, going on to employ three members of staff within a short amount of time. The team began work as most installers typically do, making windows, doors, and performing loft conversions but it when it came to it, the small team undertook any work that came their way to stay afloat.

Reddish Joinery founder Doug (centre) & sons
Reddish Joinery founder Doug (centre) & sons

Why do people keep returning to our services?

Never in a million years did Doug every expect that Reddish Joinery would go on to celebrate a 50th anniversary, but he agrees that the reason it has been able to stand the test of time all comes down to the staff. To this day, Reddish Joinery remains family run to help maintain that personal touch on every project we work on. The company values first set in place in 1967 remain the same today in 2017, playing a major factor with our success.

Whether it’s through the installation of a new door, bright conservatory, or something as simple as a uPVC casement window, the entire team at Reddish Joinery (which now stands at an impressive 15) always stay personable and true to the family sentiment. All our products come with an impressive guarantee of up to 10 years, removing any hassle or worry.

CNC Router

The future’s bright, with plenty of excitement in store

As impressive and monumental this 50th anniversary might be, you can be assured that our services and success shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. Recent investment in new machinery such as the CNC router allows us to complete more intricate jobs, whilst partnerships with suppliers such as Accsys Technologies continues to ensure we only make our products using the very best materials.

Even today, Doug still remains loved and known within the local Reddish community as the person who founded Reddish Joinery, with many a person still commenting just how much they enjoy the windows we supplied many, many years ago.

Reddish Joinery windows and doors for another 50 years

If we’ve ever had the pleasure of working on your home in any capacity no matter how big or small, we’d like to take this opportunity for your support. Without our customers, members of staff, partners, and friends, we never would have been able to reach this milestone. Here’s to another 50 years of Reddish Joinery and beyond!

To find out more about our home improvement products, please give us a call on 0161 969 7474 or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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