Ultraroof tiled roof interior view

Various options to transform your current conservatory

If you find yourself overheating in your conservatory during the summer and freezing inside it during the winter, the enjoyment you’re getting out of your conservatory is unmistakably limited. However, with a replacement conservatory roof from Reddish Joinery, you can update its look, restore its performance and enjoy a conservatory that you can use comfortably every day of the year.

Sturdy & ultra-efficient solid conservatory roofs

The combination of hardwearing tiles and high-quality insulation, solid roofs are the best conservatory roof you can find in terms of thermal insulation. Featuring U-values of just 0.17 W/m2k, they are exactly what is required to transform a cold, uncomfortable conservatory into a cosy living area.

Thanks to an internal pelmet ceiling that can be fitted with recessed spotlights and speakers, they feel just like another room of the home too. Available in a choice of tiling colours, Reddish ensures there’s an option to suit any property. Plus, they’re built to last with virtually no maintenance. What more could you ask for?!

If you’re replacing an old glass roof but want to ensure plenty of natural light can still make its way into your conservatory, we can also fit them with glazed panels or roof lights.

Let in the light with a hybrid or glass conservatory roof

If you prefer to keep as much light coming into your conservatory as possible, one of our glass roofs can help you out here. They are equipped with the latest energy efficient glazing to keep conservatory’s filled with light and radiating with warmth.

Or, for the perfect mixture of light entry and thermal insulation, take advantage of our hybrid conservatory roof system, known as the LivinRoof. They combine insulated composite panels with large areas of bespoke, energy efficient glazing. The result is a beautifully warm, well-lit conservatory that you can use however you please all year long.

Suitable for all styles of conservatory

Each of our conservatory roofing solutions come tailor-made to your property. They are suitable for all common conservatory styles and come in large and small sizes to suit individual requirements. Both our solid and hybrid conservatory roofs are also very lightweight, ensuring it’s very easy for us to retrofit them to a huge variety of existing conservatory structures.  

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