10 top features and benefits of a Livin Roof

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Reddish Livin RoofWhether you are thinking of installing a brand new extension, or you want to make the most of your existing conservatory, a Livin Roof provides a host of features that can benefit every homeowner.

We know how stressful the home improvement process can be, and that is why we have created a concise list showing the 10 benefits of a Livin Roof.

1. Enhance living space

A Livin Roof for your conservatory extends your living space upwards – the vaulted ceiling, combined with the abundance of light, makes the room feel far more bright, airy and spacious.

A Livin Roof will transform your dated conservatory and therefore your lifestyle. Currently, your conservatory may be the last place you want to relax in. But with a brand new roof, it will become your first choice, whether for family time or entertaining friends.

2. Great for the indecisive

The key feature of a Livin Roof that sets it apart from other conservatory roofs is its combination of glazing and solid roof panels. In other words, glass panels can be inserted to replace any of the aluminium roof panels!

This is great news if you can’t decide between a standard extension or conservatory. The Livin Roof is also the ideal addition for existing conservatories. Whichever your situation, the roof will give your home a new lease of life.

3. No more temperature fluctuations

Thanks to insulated composite external panels and effective slab insulation, a Livin Roof retains heat when the thermostat is turned up. Thanks to the ceiling height and the combination of solid and glazed roof panels, the room won’t get too stuffy in summer either.

The Livin Roof is therefore the ideal solution to glazed extensions that get too hot in Summer and too cold in Winter. Finally, you can benefit from a space that can be enjoyed by the whole family, all year round.

4. Choose your ideal amount of light

Choose your own combination of aluminium and glazed roof panels. Whether you want to maximise the abundance of light, or light up one particular area, the choice is yours.

What’s more, you can opt for glass sections in any shape. This makes it easy to create a truly bespoke space that is tailor made to your taste.

5. Seamlessly connected to your home

Externally, the Livin Roof will be finished in an urban grey. This will complement any home, whether more traditional or contemporary.

Internally, the new roof will make your conservatory feel like a genuine part of the house, rather than an afterthought. This seamlessness can be enhanced even further with a suspended ceiling, This choice extends the height of adjoining rooms, ideal if you don’t mind losing ceiling height and want the room to be a bit cosier.

6. Light up your space

Thanks to the internal pelmet that surrounds the roof, you can add lights – perfect for darker evenings!

You can also add hang lights into the top ridge of the roof, which isn’t usually possible with vaulted ceilings.

7. Customise!

By featuring more solid walls, you can finally customise your conservatory. Paint the roof plaster, add wallpaper, and even add hidden speakers.

The Livin Roof can be formed into any shape or roof style. Whether you had a Victorian conservatory, other traditional style, or want to build a unique shape – the Livin Roof will match the structure perfectly.

8. Gain more privacy

If a lack of privacy from neighbours is one factor that prevents you from using your conservatory, the Livin Roof can help.

With the choice of placing glazing panels wherever you want, you can direct these away from nearby houses. If privacy is a large issue, you can always opt for just one or two glass sections – your room will still be filled with light, and you can relax fully.

9. A smooth process

Compared to other solid roofs, the Livin Roof is quick to install.

Due to its prefabricated design, there will also be no onsite cutting. This effectively reduces waste, and therefore disruption to your daily life.

10. Installed by the experts at Reddish Joinery

If you want to enjoy all of these benefits and you live in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire regions, then Reddish Joinery are on hand to help you achieve your perfect home. We will guide you throughout the Livin Roof installation process – from advising to completion, we will be working with your requirements and satisfaction in mind.

We know how stressful home improvements can be, and that is why we always aim to take away the hassle and leave you with a transformed home and improved daily life.

For more information regarding any of our products contact us on 0161 969 7474 or get in touch online.

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