25 questions to ask yourself before buying a new conservatory

Last Updated: 13 May 2024

Grey glazed conservatory with integrated blinds
1. What budget are you working with?

The priority when considering a new conservatory is whether your budget matches up with your expectations. This helps to avoid disappointment or failure later in the process.

2. Do you want to make the most of light?

There simply is no way to avoid the large influx of natural light that comes when adding a new conservatory. As well as other benefits, this is the one that quite literally outshines the others.

ch style would best integrate with your home’s character?

Edwardian, Victorian, Lean-to, P-shape, and Gable End are just some of the available conservatory styles on offer. Consider which one would work best for your home, and in the rare circumstance, than none do, bespoke designs can be manufactured.

4. Do you need planning permission to add a new conservatory?

While officially planning permission is always required when adding a conservatory, in general, providing it doesn’t exceed the highest point of your roof or span over half the width of your house, no problems should arise.

5. How disruptive is a conservatory installation?

Depending on the size and style of your conservatory, installations on average won’t cause much disruption. Our team can complete an installation within a few weeks.

6. When in the year will your new conservatory be usable?

Modern conservatory manufacturing practices ensure that they are suitable for use 365 days a year as opposed to the Spring or Summer.

7. What’s the difference between a conservatory and an orangery?

Conservatories typically make use of a lot more glazing when compared to the equally traditional and spacious orangery design. Orangeries feature a brick-based foundation, conservatories do not.

8. How much cleaning does a conservatory require?

Depending on whether your conservatory is constructed using low maintenance uPVC or classic-style timber will determine the level of cleaning needed. In general, uPVC requires just an occasional wipe down while modern timber remains equally resistant to the elements.

9. What materials are conservatories available in?

As alluded to above, it’s possible to have a conservatory fitted using either timber, uPVC, or aluminium. Each have their own individual specific advantages, but all excel at remaining robust, spacious, and beautiful to look at.

10. Will the amount of available space factor into your decision?

It’s very possible that the amount of outside space you have might inform your chosen style of conservatory. P-shape conservatories for example require a large ground surface area, while lean-to designs rather subtly “hug” alongside a property.

11. How can a conservatory improve energy efficiency?

If the windows or old conservatory located at the back of your home previously suffered from poor insulation, a new conservatory fitted to be weathertight can keep heat in that would otherwise escape. This reduces energy costs, rendering the home a lot more efficient.

12. Are conservatories safe and secure?

Despite the vast amounts of glazing made use of conservatories, all can be fitted with high security multi-point locking for additional safety and ultimate peace of mind.

13. What door styles can be fitted onto a new conservatory?

There’s a lot of choice with regards to entrance styles when adding a new conservatory. Traditional sliding patio doors, elegant French variants, or innovative bifolding panels each make a perfect fit for seamless transitions.

14. How much glazing can a conservatory make use of?

While conservatories by their inherent design maximise a large glass surface area, choosing a conservatory with the sleekest frames possible ensures a large level of light entry.

15. Would a solid of glazed roof best suit your needs?

Solid roofs work well for homeowners that wish their conservatory to feel more like a natural part of the home. As well as a bold stylish touch, solid conservatory roofs better filter out sound and make for a greater level of interior design creativity.

16. Are conservatories cheaper than extensions?

Yes, as are orangeries.

17. What home applications can a new conservatory be used for?

If not used as an additional area of the home in which to relax and enjoy the sun, conservatories have been known to be used as Kitchens, playrooms, dining rooms and many more home applications.

18. How large is the conservatory colour range?

We can colour-match conservatories to your windows and doors using RAL colour, or if you want your conservatory to stand out there are plenty of shades to choose from in the range.

19. Is a conservatory good at filtering out unwanted sound?

As with your home’s windows and doors, a new conservatory can be fitted to prevent the annoyance of noise pollution. Especially if double glazed and with a solid roof, rainfall will occur unnoticed.

20. Will a new conservatory mean sacrificing home privacy?

Despite being surrounded by vast amounts of glazing, home privacy can be successfully maintained thanks to the addition of blinds that let you enjoy the sun or privacy at just a moment’s notice.

21. How much ventilation will a new conservatory require?

The higher the level of light transmission regularly hitting your conservatory, the more ventilation will be necessary to stay cool. Thankfully opening a window or door will let the breeze flow through.

22. Will a conservatory see benefits if double glazed?

If double glazed, a property’s conservatory will be much more thermally efficient, secure, and insulated.

23. How easy is it to maintain a new conservatory?

Unlike the original conservatory styles first made popular in the 1980s, modern variants in any material are relatively maintenance-free with a lifespan of decades.

24. Does a conservatory really add to a property’s financial value?

Added space and added beauty simply equals added resale value for the home, should ever you think about re-locating. Conservatories are a smart financial investment that will only grow in value as the years go on.

25. Is Reddish Joinery the ideal choice for a new conservatory installation?

With over 50 years experience improving homes all over Cheshire, Reddish Joinery are more than up to the task of helping you enjoy a brand new conservatory, installed exactly to your requirements.

For more information on how to make an informed purchase, call our team on 0161 969 7474 or send us a message online.

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