What does a conservatory or orangery cost?

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

The cost of a conservatory or orangery is often the biggest factor when making a decision on whether or not to go ahead with an extension. You may have already decided that you really want this addition to your home because you need the extra space, or perhaps you just like the idea of enjoying the garden without having to put up with the changeable British weather.

There are many prices you will come across in your search for the perfect room that’s bespoke to your needs and what you want. In this post, we’ve outlined the main factors that contribute to the price of a conservatory or an orangery.

Accoya Orangery

Why are some conservatories or orangeries expensive?

The choice of materials, whether Accoya timber or uPVC will affect the overall price of the build. Your choice of material won’t determine the entire cost, but it is a big factor to take into consideration. The main thing that makes the overall costs increase is the fact that, nowadays, a lot of homeowners want to make their additional room part of the house which means we have to go through the building regulations process. Conservatories and orangeries are more often than not exempt from Building Regulations, whereas a traditional home extension is not.

How can I keep a conservatory or orangery within my budget?

First, decide what you want to use the room for. Maybe you’re adding too high a spec for the room you are going to use for the children’s new play area? It could be that there’s a better option for you that means you can keep the cost down and we are here to help with that. You can also build with a lower budget with a view to upgrading the room in the future.

Why are some conservatory companies more expensive than others?

Do some companies just charge more because they think that they can? Maybe they do, but we think that it comes down to the quality of service that each individual company has to offer. When we say service we mean the whole system that the company has in place for your benefit. The sales team should and will be knowledgeable which will come at a cost and, let’s face it, good knowledge is worth its weight in gold. Then you’ve got the survey and installation. Good advice and good installation is the real key to you getting what you want. When you have 2-3 quotes you can decide which companies are expensive and then decide if someone is too expensive for what they are offering you.

Ultradrame glass roof conservatory

Why are some conservatory companies cheap?

There are always price variables in almost everything we buy, from day-to-day groceries to furniture and cars. When we talk about cheap here, we aren’t referring to the quality of the different materials. It’s more a case of the type of material that keeps the price down, which would be using uPVC instead of Accoya timber. There are very few differences, if any, in the quality of uPVC systems. A conservatory or orangery is a big purchase, and you will ask the question to yourself about price and maybe wonder “Why are these guys so cheap?” when getting quotes. There are a lot of companies that are smaller organisations, have no premises, have very little overheads, and operate as a “man in a van”. Great, you get the savings… but do they offer you a full design service? Do they offer a full written warranty for their works? Are they giving you the best product, service, and after-sales service? If you’ve found a cheap company that you have 100% (if that’ possible) certainty in then go for it and look after them!

Where does Reddish Joinery fall in terms of price?

We consider ourselves to be on the upper end of the pricing scale. Let’s say you had 5 quotes because you really wanted to make sure what you were getting into. Reddish Joinery would be the second-highest quote, maybe even the highest quote at times. If you got quotes from comparable companies there would be very little difference between the quotes.

An example of price, and let’s keep in mind that each job is different in some way-, is that a standard-sized glass roof conservatory would be between £18,000 and £25,000. For an orangery, you can add 10-15% to the figures. We can explain what this would include when we make an appointment to discuss your individual needs.

Hardwood timber conservatory installation

Bespoke beautiful orangeries for your North West home from Reddish Joinery

Timber and uPVC conservatories and orangeries from Reddish Joinery are a luxurious addition to your family home in the South East. We use hardwood and uPVC frames which have excellent energy-efficient ratings along with argon-filled sealed units and low-E glass, making it the perfect material to reflect heat during the summer and absorb heat in the summer. Sounds perfect, right?

Why not browse our gallery for more inspiration? Or alternatively, get in contact and let us work closely with you to design and build your custom orangery. Contact us or call us on 0161 969 7474.

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