The benefits of timber conservatories that you might not know about!

Last Updated: 5 September 2022

Hardwood timber conservatory installation

Often thought of as a premium choice of extension limited to listed properties and conservation areas, timber conservatories are actually well suited to every style of home. Because of this, their benefits can easily be enjoyed by all homeowners. What are these benefits we hear you ask? It’s true that telling the differences between uPVC and timber conservatories can prove tricky outside of aesthetics, so we thought we’d clear up any confusion, highlighting the advantages of the latter!

Engineered using sustainably sourced materials

It’s no secret that we at Reddish Joinery are big advocates of timber. Therefore it’s only natural that we represent it in the best light, sourcing the wood used for our timber conservatories in a wholly sustainable manner. This proves particularly useful for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint, letting them enjoy their new living space knowing that the planet being harmed.

We’re known for our work with timber supplier Accsys Technologies, a company that acts as the exclusive provider of Accoya wood – An engineered type of timber. This is wood that’s been treated to improve the internal cellular structure, letting our timber conservatories absorb up to 80% of the water. Responsibly harvested from fast-growing softwood forests, this material is by far the most green-minded approach.

Fully customisable to any shape or size

Oak effect Accoya conservatory outside view

Most conservatories fall into any one of around nine shapes. Victorian being the most widely recognised, maintaining a historic edge within British properties looking to add a little more living space. It’s only natural for people to assume, therefore, that timber and a classic style like Victorian make for a perfect match. In actual fact, modern engineering practices ensure timber can be formed to create almost any desired shape and size.

Some of the most popular conservatory styles these days include Lean-to for those with limited space, Shaped for those with a lot of space, and plenty of other designs that are either traditional or modern depending on taste. Reddish Joinery can supply and install timber conservatories to any of the styles mentioned above, making them a versatile addition.

An impressively long lifespan

Timber conservatories installed by Reddish using Accoya have an estimated lifespan of 80 years. This is because of the material’s impressive defence capabilities as mentioned earlier such as retained hardness and effective insect barrier. Modifying the cell structure of natural timber certainly has its advantages, and an extended lifespan is just one of many and represents a wise return of in initial investment.

The luxurious extension option and so much more

Not merely limited to those with historical homes or listed houses, timber conservatories are a premium delicacy that every homeowner can enjoy due to the many advantages they present. If you’d like to know more, contact the Reddish Joinery team today.

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