5 top tips for looking after your windows in winter

Last Updated: 5 September 2022

Wintertime is an undoubtedly testing period for your windows; the constant exposure to cold temperatures and wet weather conditions means it’s important they’re in good condition to keep your home protected. So, you know how to look after your windows this time of year, we’ve listed some top tips for looking after your windows in winter.

Tip 1: Locate and deal with any gaps/draughts

Draughts are one of the most commonly experienced window problems, but they are increasingly problematic in the winter. This is because they allow the cold winter air into your home and warm air to seep out, meaning you’ll be spending more to heat a home that will feel a less comfortable temperature.


You can check for any gaps between the window, frame and the wall because if any gaps are present here, boy, will you notice them once the freezing cold air starts coming into your home. The best time to check for gaps is on a windy day, slowly moving a candle or lighter along the frame and glass to see if the flame flickers at all. If it does, then an air leak is present.

Small air leaks in the framework might be a straightforward repair job with some sealant or weather-stripping. However, if there is a crack in the glass, you’ll almost certainly want to get it replaced.

Tip 2: Stop the rot!

Window in a state of disrepairIf wooden windows aren’t re-treated periodically, it’s inevitable that their frames will eventually begin to rot away as they endure temperature and weather changes. However, by following our guide on how to paint wood windows, you can make sure yours (if you have any) won’t rot away.

Rot is caused by a type of fungus that destroys wood and it can lead to draughts around the window and, in extreme cases, the formation of harmful mould.


We’ve created a guide on how to fix wood rot around windows which you can use to repair small areas of rot yourself. However, if more than 10% of the frame has rotted away, you’re better off just replacing the window. This is because an excessive amount of rot will cause the frame to become unstable, which is a significant risk to home security.

Tip 3: Plug any window leaks

Close up of a worn windowAlthough there are various causes of window leaks, two of the most common being damaged frames and broken glazed units, they are commonly experienced by windows that have been around for a few years. Leaks can cause a host of subsequent problems to occur so it’s important they’re dealt with swiftly and effectively. Subsequent issues caused by leaking windows include:

  • Window frames with peeling paint
  • Difficulty operating the window
  • Rot and mould growth
  • Discolouration around the window


The correct fix is dependent on what is causing the leak in the first place. You might be able to resolve a leak by removing any damaged caulking, cleaning the frames and re-caulking. The fix might also be as simple as replacing any weather-stripping. However, if the leak(s) have affected the surrounding structure or there are leaks beyond the actual window, we recommend you get some experienced window professionals like ourselves in to see about some window replacements.

Tip 4: Get those windows closing properly

Open windowIf your windows won’t shut properly, suffice to say that you’ll have some difficulty keeping cold winds and heavy rain out of your home this winter. It’s quite common for this issue to occur on older windows as they have experienced a great deal of expansion and contraction during the changes in temperature that occur from one season to the next.


If there is a gap on the hinge side of the window between the window sash and the frame, the cause is most likely the hinge. Therefore, replacing the hinge should resolve this. The gasket sticking to the frame is another common cause of this problem, however, it’s possible to resolve this without damaging your window by using a bank card or flat knife to separate them.

Tip 5: Look out for windows that have warped

After undergoing extensive exposure to moisture, it’s possible for window frames to warp. Wooden windows that have been treated properly can resist this issue very well, but for those which haven’t, the subtle changes in the frames that occur as a result of warping, can lead to warm air escaping your home and cold air coming in.


If your window frames have warped then, sadly, putting them perfectly back into place is not a possibility. This means your only real possibility of rectifying windows with warped frames is to replace them. We suggest Accoya windows as these are a prime example of why wood windows are worth the money. In addition to lasting up to 80 years with the right care, they’re exceptionally efficient.

Should I upgrade my windows this winter?

The colder time of year is the perfect time for window upgrades, especially if yours are already a few years old, and here’s why:

  • New double glazing’s ability to retain heat in the home is far superior to the double glazing of 10 years ago let alone that which is 20, 30 years old. So, by upgrading to new windows, you can expect your home to cope much better against the colder temperatures, meaning it will feel considerably warmer.
  • As your home will be retaining more heat than before, you can spend less fuelling radiators and other heat sources in your home to keep warm.
  • Winter is the season of long, dark nights, making it an ideal time for burglaries to take place. New windows come loaded with impressive security features so now is also an excellent time to make your home more secure.
  • With the right care, double glazing can last for years to come. So, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that new windows bring this winter and for many after that. If buying new windows from us, they’ll also come with a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee!

Get your windows ready for the winter with Reddish Joinery

Grey-white Accoya wood window

If you’re in need of replacement windows in order to get your home winter-ready, Reddish Joinery can help. With our extensive selection of uPVC, aluminium and timber windows, we can make homes of any age or style more comfortable and secure this wintertime. For more information, give us a call on 0161 969 7474 or contact us online.

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