Accoya wood timber windows by Cheshire joinery Reddish

The perfect blend of classical design and contemporary performance, Accoya windows from Reddish Joinery represent a truly innovative timber window style. You can find everything you need to know about them and this incredible material on this devoted page.

How is Accoya wood made?

Accoya wood is created using a process called acetylation. This process modifies the cell structure of the wood, rendering every Accoya frame highly durable and dimensionally stable, all while retaining the natural beauty of traditional wooden windows.

Is Accoya timber sustainable?

Yes, incredibly. Not only is Accoya sourced from FSC® certified forests, but after undergoing acetylation, Accoya is able to last for up to 80 years! It’s also 100% recyclable and it can even be composted, so it offers a number of excellent environmental benefits.

Are Accoya timber windows thermally efficient?

Very much so. Wood is a natural insulator, however, Accoya performs better than several commonly used species of wood in terms of thermal efficiency. So, if you’re looking for windows that warm up your home and lower your energy bill, look no further than Accoya!

Do Accoya windows require lots of maintenance?

Quite the opposite; the process of acetylation that Accoya undergoes reduces its ability to absorb water by 80%. This makes it easier to apply stains and varnishes to it compared to other types of wood. Plus, any finishes applied to Accoya are also able to last for longer. As a result, Accoya windows last for ages with very little upkeep on the part of the homeowner.

Do Accoya timber windows come with a warranty?

Accoya windows come with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty! However, they can last for 80 years or more, making them one of the most durable home improvement materials around.

Is Accoya a hardwood?

Although Accoya possesses many qualities that are typically associated with hardwoods, it’s actually created from sustainably-sourced pine, which is a softwood.

Discover if hardwood or Accoya windows are right for your home.

Will Accoya windows rot?

It’s easy to enjoy a “set and forget” mentality when opting for Accoya windows. Built to withstand any climate, Accoya is incredibly rot resistant. It also features designed-in UV resistance and swelling and shrinking is reduced by as much as 75%. This guarantees a wood appearance well into the future. It also has a natural insect barrier, preventing it from experiencing insect attack.

Can Accoya windows be designed to suit any property?

All Accoya Windows installed by Reddish can be supplied in a plethora of unique shapes and styles. Classic or contemporary, new or old, any style of property can enjoy the system’s impressive strength and hardness, along with an entire suite of made-to-measure configuration options.

Whether replacing your home’s existing timber frames or upgrading from uPVC, Accoya windows are luxury products worth experiencing.

What types of finishes are available for Accoya windows?

A wide range of stains and oils can be applied to Accoya, so it’s easy to create a host of unique looks. You might even choose to apply a different finish to the one your Accoya windows are supplied in later if you fancy altering their appearance.

Is Accoya timber suitable for conservation areas?

Those lucky enough to reside within a designated conservation area who typically struggle to find window frame replacements can rest easy, knowing that our range of Accoya windows takes this into account. Previously, homeowners would be forced to endure high maintenance timber frames, although Accoya successfully delivers in this regard too.

What types of Accoya window are available?

Accoya sash windows

Accoya sash windows are an improved take on the classic window style, providing an iconic design that has been further enhanced in functionality. When your timber sash windows have been made with Accoya wood, you won’t have to worry about them performing poorly or needing frequent maintenance, so you’ll have more time to do the things you enjoy in life.

Accoya bay and bow windows

Accoya wood can also be used to manufacture bay and bow windows, which are window styles that can allow for more space in a room as they protrude outwards. This also makes them stand out visually in comparison to most other window styles. Like any kind of timber window, they are made better by the use of Accoya wood.

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