What type of wood is Accoya® and other Accoya® facts!

Last Updated: 5 September 2022

Accoya® is the brand name of an outstandingly durable, deluxe, and dense, eco-friendly, treated softwood that is created through a unique wood modification process called acetylation.

It is the world’s leading lifelong wood with a breadth of benefits from durability and dimensional stability through to naturally insulating and non-toxic and recyclable. Here at Reddish Joinery, we are an Accoya official joinery manufacturer, which means that any and all of our bespoke timber windows and doors are readily available using it.

What are the benefits of Accoya wood?

Accoya wood is a naturally modified softwood which is designed to be highly resistant against decay, decomposer and deterioration, and because of this, creates an inhabitable environment for fungi, bacteria and viruses. But do not simply take our word for it – we recently installed an Accoya entrance door in Knutsford where we styled the look of their new front door to make sure it was the right fit for their property.

What Accoya products does Reddish Joinery offer?

Accoya Door With Sidelights

Here at Reddish Joinery, we offer both Accoya windows and Accoya doors. Our Accoya windows represent a truly innovate timber window style, come with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty, and are very thermally efficient! The perfect solution to save you money on your electricity bills.

Our Accoya doors act as an ultimate timber entrance solution for any homeowner seeking to enjoy classic style and modern performance. The strengthened properties of Accoya doors ensure to keep you and your families safe and secure.

What tree is Accoya made from?

Accoya starts life as a fast-growing pine tree before being harvested and going through the acetylation wood modification process. This process protects the entire piece of wood as opposed to other processes that only treat the surface.

The pine trees selected to make Accoya are from fast-growing sustainably sourced forests so make a great alternative to slow-growing hardwoods, which aren’t sustainable.

Is Accoya a softwood?Accoya Orangery

Yes, as the Accoya wood is from a pine tree, it’s softwood.

Can Accoya wood be painted or stained?

In short, yes Accoya wood can be either painted or stained to achieve the aesthetic that you require. How about coordinating white Accoya windows with a grey Accoya front door? That would look beautiful.

However, before painting or staining your Accoya windows or doors, please do get in contact so that we can provide you with some guidance and make sure that your chosen paint or stain will not irritate the wood.

Every timber from Reddish can be supplied in sustainable Accoya

The great thing about opting for Accoya wood from Reddish Joinery as an Accoya official joinery manufacturer is that any and all of our bespoke timber windows and doors are readily available using it. Contact us for more information.

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