Accoya wood – The future’s bright as global demand doubles

Last Updated: 27 April 2023

The world leading manufacturing company behind the increasingly popular Accoya wood brand is set to increase its production capacity exponentially over the next five years. An agreement between Accsys technologies and Solvay Acetow will ensure that Accoya manufacturing will double its plants (currently situated in the Netherlands), producing 80,000 cubic metres of wood to meet consumer demand.

As this increased global demand for Accoya increases, the sustained collaboration between Accsys and Solvay is set to continue, meaning that there’s never been a more exciting time to treat yourself to a window, door or conservatory from Reddish that incorporates the highly beneficial Accoya wood.

Accoya demand that reaches far into 2020


While the eventual 80,000 cubic metres of Accoya wood is set to be achieved by 2020, an initial increase of 20,000 is expected to come into effect as early as mid-2017, possible due to the combined resources of both Accsys and Solvay.

Accsys CEO Paul Clegg expressed: “This [agreement] will increase the certainty of supply for Accoya customers and users whilst allowing Accsys to continue to develop global markets effectively, building on the expertise that it has developed over the last few years.”

What makes Accoya wood such a big deal?

Made from wood sourced from sustainable, manageable forests and created using Accsys’ impressive acetylation technology, Reddish-installed Accoya products deliver a range of highly beneficial performance improvements which results in outstanding levels of durability and dimensional stability.

Specific benefits include:

• Retained hardness and strength ensures it can be applied to any project however demanding accoya-orangery
• Consistent and dependable quality of wood all round
• Eco-friendly manufacturing process that still benefits from a naturally beautiful finish
• Natural insulation which improves upon other hardwood and softwood options
• Extremely long lasting ensured to last at least 50 years for above ground projects

Reddish Joinery are committed to meet the new Accoya demand

The UK is the largest European user of Accoya products, accounting for roughly 25% of Accoya practices last year and can only benefit from these now-confirmed plans heading into the future.
Late last year, Reddish Joinery were lucky enough to visit Accsys Technologies to further learn about the advantages of Accoya incorporated products.

We are now and always have been well equipped to provide customers with the best building products available in trading Accoya, now be enabled to do so well into the future!

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