When Reddish Visited Accsys Technologies

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

A selection of accoya wood samples in different colours

A grand day out – what happened when Reddish were invited to visit Accsys Technologies

At Reddish we like learning – learning about products, our customers, and the latest industry innovations. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity when we were offered the chance to tour the Accsys Technologies production facilities in the Netherlands.

Accsys Technologies is the group who manufacture the amazingly durable Accoya wood using their advanced chemical processes. At Reddish we offer many of our products in Accoya wood, so we couldn’t wait to get ourselves on that plane and see what they’ve got going on.

Day one – marinas and apartments

We arrived in Holland very excited, and before visiting any production facilities, went to see Accoya in what you could say is its natural habitat – in a tough environment where durability is key.

We were taken to a marina where Accoya had been used to create a walkway around the water, allowing access to private boats. It was great to see that the Accoya was in good condition, even after 5 years of being used as a deck board – with no treatment whatsoever. Being on the coast and exposed to harsh conditions, it looked remarkably untouched.

Finger jointed Accoya

On our first day we were also able to examine Accoya which had be used to make the windows, doors and decorative pieces of a nearby apartment block. It was good to see that in an area of Holland where aluminium has been the material of choice for architects, they had been willing to change to Accoya because of its amazing qualities.

We could instantly tell that the Accoya wood retained its colour much better than regular timber, and in addition to being in great condition, the Accoya that had been used on the building was finger jointed. This means that it uses pieces of wood that would usually be thrown away, and that they are glued together to create longer pieces. The upshot of this process is that you can get longer pieces of timber that are actually stronger than solid pieces, as the glue is tested to ensure the quality of Accoya is still there for the end user.

Day two – visiting the only Accoya production plant in the world

Our grand day out actually turned out to be two days, and on the second part of our trip we ventured to the Accsys Technologies head office. Accsys Technologies is home to the only Accoya production plant in the whole world, so needless to say, we were pretty excited!

Accoya windows, doors, bird boxes & clogs!

From a quality product such as Accoya, the plant was everything you’d expect – the production facility was incredibly, clean, efficient, and optimised – and everything was done to ensure the company stuck to its carbon neutral promise.

Outside was a large sample area that contained almost any Accoya product you could think of – with everything from decking, windows and doors through to bird boxes and clogs (it’s Holland, after all!). It was clear from talking with the people of Accsys that all Accoya products – no matter their application – were not only meant to last a lifetime but also provide great aesthetics.

Specialist suppliers of Accoya wood products in Reddish

The UK is the largest European user of Accoya products, accounting for around 25% of the overall Accoya usage this year, and after visiting the production facility in the Netherlands, Reddish are proud to be among the UK companies promoting its use.

We learnt that Reddish Joinery are on the right track with Accoya, and that our customers are getting the best building product available in the world today!

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