Get your home ready for National Home Security Month with an Accoya timber front door

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Accoya Door With SidelightsNational Home Security Month is an initiative designed to raise awareness around the importance of home security. And with it just around the corner (October), it’s time to think about whether the security of your home is as good as it could be.

When doing so, you might think about your front door, as it is one of the most common entry points would-be intruders use to force their way into the home. So, if the security of your front door is not up to scratch, you should consider replacing it with an Accoya timber front door, and here’s why:

Outstanding solidity that withstands impact damage

Accoya is a type of softwood with exceptional strength and hardness. Plus, it has been modified via a process called acetylation, which tremendously improves its dimensional stability. This solidity means that it withstands impact damage superbly, providing your home with an effective barrier against attempts to break down the door.

However, we can even manufacture Accoya front doors thicker than our standard 57mm variety, making your front door even more sturdy in the process.

Black Accoya Front DoorYears of unfaltering protection

The process of acetylation also makes Accoya indigestible to insects and virtually immune to rot. Designed to retain their quality, Accoya front doors come with a 50-year warranty, although they can last a lifetime, even without repainting or varnishing. Therefore, they’ll continue to protect your home year after year.

High-security, multipoint locks as standard

Whenever we fit your home with an Accoya front door, we ensure to equip it with the latest multipoint locking systems. When the door is closed, multipoint locks secure the door to the frame at various points. This leaves no weak points for a burglar to then apply pressure to and force the door open.

Replace your front door and bolster home security with Reddish Joinery

Looking to bolster the security of your home with a replacement front door built from Accoya? Get in touch with us here at Reddish Joinery today. Our Accoya entrance doors come in a huge range of finishes and styles, and with a variety of door furniture options. So, they can be adapted to suit any home.

For more information or a free quote, we’re available to call on 0161 969 7474 or you can contact us online.

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