Case study: Accoya front door installation

Last Updated: 13 May 2024

Blue Accoya front door

When the team at Reddish Joinery was asked to install a brand new Accoya door for the Easter family, we were more than happy to help. The family required a new bespoke timber door for their family home, and needed it to be secure, efficient and in-keeping with their home’s aesthetic. With our extensive experience with Accoya wood products, we were able to suggest a door which met all these criteria, proving to be a perfect match for the family.

Secure, attractive Accoya front door

The initial brief included the new door as part of a larger house-wide renovation. In addition to the new Accoya door, we provided the Easters with high quality bespoke windows and doors, though the front door in particular was requested to an exact specification.

For increased security, the front door was requested to be 10% thicker than our regular 57mm Accoya doors. To achieve the required levels of security, we designed and manufactured a bespoke 63mm thick door, made with traditional finger jointed methods.

Bespoke design and manufacture

The creation of the door not only required expertise from the skillful joiners at Reddish, but also expert design with sophisticated CNC equipment. To ensure that the door – 10% thicker than our standard size – could be operated without interference from the frame meant that we tested extensively using samples and custom CNC programs, making a design which functioned identically to our regular doors.

High quality materials

Reddish are experienced users of Accoya wood, an amazingly durable wood type used for the door’s primary material. Accoya is made with an advanced acetylation process which means that it’s incredibly UV resistant, and can last for up to 50 years in exterior use without significant maintenance.

This was perfect for the Easters who required a front door which was not only secure and efficient, but also low maintenance.

Timber front door specialists

The family were very happy after we installed their bespoke front door – 10% thicker than standard to offer improved security and insulation, without compromise on functionality.

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