How long does double glazing last? (and 4 signs it may need to be replaced)

Last Updated: 5 September 2022

On average, double glazing lasts around 20 years. This is far from an exact science, however, and double glazing has been known to last for as long as 35 years or for as little as 10. Anyone searching for ‘double glazing Cheshire’ might also find it useful to learn the factors affecting how long it lasts.

 What factors affect the length of time double glazing will last?

  • Quality of the materials – better materials tend to last longer than poorer ones.
  • Installation quality – as with the materials, poorly installed double glazing is unlikely to last as long as a professional installation.
  • Exposure to the weather – heavy weather exposure can cause double glazing to deteriorate more quickly.

flush sash windows with double glazing

Therefore, anyone looking for double glazing Cheshire should make sure to find an installer with a proven reputation for quality installations and products, like us at Reddish Joinery. It’s also useful to learn the signs that your double glazing is coming to the end of its lifespan so you can plan how to replace it.

 How can I tell if my double glazing needs replacing?

There are various indications that your double glazing might need replacing, which we have listed below:

    1. Condensation in the wrong places

When we say condensation forming in the wrong places, we mean between the two panes of glass, not on the outside of them. If this happens, mould formation could be just around the corner, potentially putting yours and your family’s health at risk.

    1. Noticeable draughts

Draughty windows can lead to cold spots in your home and they are notorious for letting the heat get outside. So, aside from making homes more uncomfortable, they also contribute to higher energy bills. Draughts are a sign that the weather sealing has failed and the windows are past their prime, in need of replacement.

    1. Significant visible damage

Small marks and chips on your window’s glass are nothing to worry about, however, any severe damage is a strong sign that replacement glazing is required. Even the slightest leak in the glazing will cause the inert gas that fills the cavity between the glass panes to seep out, hugely limiting the window’s ability to insulate the home.

  1. Windows aren’t opening and closing properly

Stiff windows can be a real nuisance to open but, more importantly, they’re also a safety risk. If your windows are difficult to operate, you should consider replacing them, especially if they’re getting on a bit.

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