Why is my window hard to close?

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

If you’ve noticed your window has become difficult to open or close there could be a number of problems going on. Some of which you’ll be able to amend yourself but others will require repairing by a professional. Whatever the problem turns out to be it’s critical that you address it immediately as it could pose a serious security threat. It will also be affecting the thermal performance of the window. Here are 3 reasons why your window might be difficult to close and how you can fix them.

It was installed poorly by a cowboy builder

Although all homeowners are looking for ways to save money, installation projects should never be an area that you compromise on. You should always look to have your home improvement projects completed by a professional installation company like Reddish Joinery. Not only will you receive fantastic products and service, but your products will come with a valid guarantee.

You’ll be able to tell if the window was poorly installed or measured. If you carefully look at it you may see some unalignment. If you can’t tell or you’re still unsure you should check for gaps, cracks and draughts anywhere in or around the window. There should be absolutely no draughts coming from new windows.

How can I fix this?

Unfortunately, there’s no real fix to poorly installed windows. You may be able to get a professional installer to come and rehang the window. However, if the window doesn’t fit correctly within the opening, you will need to have the window replaced with a correctly made-to-measure window from a professional installation company.

White Accoya wood sash bay windows against red brick

The hinges have dropped or become damaged

Your window hinges are what’s holding the sash in the correct place and allowing it to open and close with ease. These can often drop or wear down over time and one of the biggest signs this has happened is it will feel stiff to open or close the window.

How can I fix this?

The good news is window hinges are relatively simple to repair, although we always recommend asking your local installer if they offer repairs as they will be able to resolve this for you efficiently and professionally.

They’ll be able to replace the hinges and rehang the sash if it is badly damaged or has become completely unaligned.

It may be the case that your hinges just need to be lubricated and that’s what’s making them difficult to close. If you believe this is the case, you can oil them using a product such as WD-40. Simply open the window to expose the hinges and locking mechanisms and spray the moving parts. To work the oil in open and close the window and turn the handle several times. Use a cloth to remove oil from unwanted areas.

There is dirt or debris in the window track

It’s not uncommon for dirt to build up around your window gathering particularly on the frame and in the window track. This is more likely to occur during the changing of seasons. This issue can very easily be spotted, simply open your window and have a good look at all the elements of your window to check for debris or buildup.
womens dirty finger in front of dirty window

How can I fix this?

You’ll be pleased to hear that this is an incredibly easy fix that you can do with products around your home. Simply brush away any debris from within the track. You can then take either a sponge or small brush and some warm soapy water to clean away any grime. No matter what window material you have we recommend performing small regular maintenance on every element of your window.

For more information about how to maintain your windows, please read our window maintenance guide

Large Timber Window

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