How much value can double glazing add to your Stockport home?

Last Updated: 8 February 2023

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Double glazing has quickly become the norm for most properties in the UK – Stockport included, being a rather affordable and subtle enhancement that can make a big difference. A problem that often arises with such commonality however is that people can fall victim to forgetting the many values and benefits it brings. To help better remind those interested, we at Reddish Joinery thought we’d explore the many values double glazing can bring to your Stockport home.

Practical value from improved insulation benefits

For the three people unaware, double glazing refers to the simple act of using two panes of glass within a window’s frame as opposed to the conventional one. The idea behind this being that heat can better be trapped in the space between, making for homes that are much more energy efficient and well-insulated. At Reddish, we specialise in fitting double glazing Stockport homeowners will appreciate and feel the difference with.

Once installed, double glazing ensures that your home will far exceed the minimum U-value required, as set in place by British Building Regulations. The Window Energy Rating minimum falls into the band of C with a U-Value of around 1.6W/m²K, whereas double glazing has been proven to offer U-values as low as 1.0W/m²K. Why would you subject your household to anything worse?

Saving the environment and saving you money

So double glazing adds a lot of value in comfort terms, but it’s also worth highlighting how “green” the practice is as well due to the improved insulation. Because heat is better kept within the property, homeowners will be able to rely less on artificial heating methods and therefore reduce energy consumption. The environment is helped, and carbon footprints reduced.

Sooner than later you’ll also start saving money for the same reason. Thanks to double glazing now heating the home in a more natural sense, costs will be lowered and you’ll reap your initial investment in the long-term.

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Added values double glazing introduces at a glance

  • A much more comforting living environment
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Less reliance on artificial heating methods
  • A futureproofed home against the elements
  • Improved temperature balancing (Warmer in winter, cooler in Summer)
  • Prevents any unwanted noise from penetrating the household

Reddish double glazing that’s in a glass of its own

Double glazing has quickly become the necessity in UK households rather than an exception, adding various types of value to homeowners in Stockport and beyond. For more information on how double glazing can improve your home, contact the team today on 0161 969 7474 or send us an online message.

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