‘Ultimate’ double glazing, ultimate performance

An innovation in double glazing technology, the ‘Ultimate’ is a 28mm double glazed unit that has been developed to help reduce the need for costly and difficult to install triple glazing.

With 6mm thick glazed panels and an ultra low U value of just 1.0 W/m2, the ‘Ultimate’ provides the same level of thermal and acoustic insulation as triple glazing, equivalent to a 28mm triple glazed unit using 1 pane of clear glass and 2 panes of soft-coat glass.

Argon filled for enhanced energy efficiency

All of our ‘Ultimate’ double glazed units are filled with argon, an inert gas, for exceptional levels of insulation.

This can help to keep warmth in your home for much longer, reducing the amount of heat you need to use and resulting in tangible savings on the cost of your energy bills.

Better all round performance than triple glazing

Whilst triple glazing can provide great thermal and acoustic insulation, it can also be very expensive, difficult to install and prone to central pane damage. The ‘Ultimate’ double glazed unit provides exactly the same levels of thermal and acoustic performance as some triple glazing, without the cost and hassle that goes along with the real thing.

Features and benefits of ‘Ultimate’ double glazing

  • Provides enhanced levels of thermal insulation, keeping your home warmer for longer
  • Can reduce the impact of external noise pollution in your home
  • Ultra low U Value of 1.0 W/m2, matching that of triple glazing
  • 10% more cost effective than triple glazing
  • Easy to maintain, easy to operate

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