3 beautiful Accoya wood home improvements

Last Updated: 5 September 2022

When you want a timber home improvement there’s really no other material option than Accoya. Unlike other traditional timber products, Accoya is very low maintenance and can last up to 50 years without needing to be treated or varnished. To prolong the live of your Accoya products you should reseal them every 6-8 years, so they can achieve their full potential.

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Increase kerb appeal with an Accoya front door

Your entrance door is the first thing passers-by and visitors are going to notice about your home. By choosing an Accoya front door, you’re guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on all your guests. An Accoya door can enhance any home, particularly suiting more traditional homes and rustic cottages.

Accoya Door with Bolectican moulds

Security benefits of an Accoya front door

There’s no need to worry about security either, Accoya has been through a specialist treatment known as acetylation. This process enhances all the traditional properties of timber, creating an incredibly strong and durable material.

All our Accoya doors come with high-performance locking mechanisms and 3-star cylinder locks, for maximum protection for your home and family.

Thermal efficiency of an Accoya front door

Timber is well known for its naturally thermally efficient properties and Accoya only enhances those properties to create an exceptionally efficient entrance door. At Reddish, all of our Accoya doors are made to measure. Guaranteeing that your door fits perfectly, eliminating potential draughts.

Customise your Accoya front door

As our Accoya front doors are made to measure, you’ll have full customisation opportunities available. At Reddish, our Accoya doors are available in a number of styles, ranging from traditional to ultra-modern. Make it pop with one of our large selection of colours. Match your windows exactly or go for something totally different for a bespoke feature.

You’re even able to modify the door hardware and accessories, including the letterbox.

Bring the outside in with an Accoya bi-folding door

A bi-fold door is a great addition to any home. Allowing floods of natural light into your home all year round, while enhancing reaching views in the North West.

Accoya wood oak effect bifold doors

Thermal efficiency of an Accoya bi-folding door

All our bi-folding doors are fitted with Pilkington double glazed, low-e glass and argon gas-filled sealed units. Keeping your home cosy all winter, whilst still allowing you to appreciate gorgeous views. In the summer months, fully open your bi-fold door to enjoy additional airflow and a cool home. Low-e glass reflects the sun’s UV rays, keeping your home cool on those sunny days.

Customise your Accoya bi-folding door

Offering a selection of colours, you’ll be sure to find the perfect option for your home. A great feature of Accoya is that you’re able to repaint it, if one day you change your mind on the finish. We recommend resealing them every 6-8 years to prolong your product’s life.

Depending on the size of your door opening, you’ll be able to alter the size and number of glazed panels that feature on your door. You can also decide which side you’d prefer the door to concertina towards. A bi-folding door is considered the ultimate bespoke home improvement as you’re able to customise them so much.

Make a statement with an Accoya bay window

Bay windows protrude out of the front of your home, creating a stunning focal point for all properties. An Accoya bay window looks particularly beautiful on more traditional properties with decorative period exteriors.

Timber arched window

The illusion of space with an Accoya bay window

Bay windows prevent a room from feeling enclosed as they create an area of additional space within your rooms. This space can often feel larger than it is due to the huge glass letting in floods of natural light. If your wall follows the shape of your bay window, a great option would be to get a custom-built bench that you can use for additional seating and storage.

Thermal efficiency of an Accoya bay window

Again, Accoya takes all the natural properties of traditional timber and enhances them. So Accoya acts as a very good natural insulator alone. At Reddish we offer an ‘Ultimate’ double glazing option, that is thicker than traditional glass. Our ‘Ultimate’ double glazed units eliminate the need for costly triple glazing. Achieving extremely low U-values whilst providing optimal thermal and acoustic insulation all year round.

Complete your dream Accoya home improvement project with Reddish

No matter which home improvement project you’re looking at completing next, Reddish can help. Get your free no-obligation quote today by calling us on 0161 969 7474 or contact us online.

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