4 reasons why Accoya wood makes our windows & doors superior!

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Wood is one of the best construction materials and it has been used to make windows and doors for centuries. It’s still highly popular today, although modern innovations, like Accoya® wood, which is a genetically-modified softwood, have made it even more desirable.

Here are 4 reasons why Accoya wood makes our windows and doors superior:

1. The only windows and doors you’ll ever need

grey white accoya window front

Not only do Accoya windows and doors have a 50-year warranty but they also have an estimated lifespan of an incredible 80 years! So, when choosing them for your home, they truly are the only windows and doors you’ll ever need fitting for as long as you’re living in your property, or living at all, depending on which comes first!

2. A thermal performance fit for the future

As part of the government’s Future Homes Standard, plans were laid out to drastically improve the minimum standards for energy efficiency in homes by 2025. And whilst timber is a fantastic insulator, Accoya retains more heat than many other commonly used species of wood. So, in addition to keeping your home warm and your energy bills lower, opting for Accoya windows and doors will futureproof your home against improving energy efficiency standards.

3. Trouble-free operation

Without proper treatment, damp or wet conditions (the kind we’re very much accustomed to here in the North West!), can cause wood can swell up. Dry and hot weather can also shrink cause shrinkage. Both scenarios can lead to windows and doors jamming, letting in draughts, warping or in extreme cases, splitting.

However, Accoya’s ability to maintain its original dimensions when subjected to environmental changes, known as dimensional stability, is outstanding. With shrinkage and swelling reduced by 75%, you can enjoy trouble-free operation year after year.

4. Better performance without loss of natural beauty

Accoya Sandblast DoorTo improve its dimensional stability, Accoya undergoes a non-toxic modification process known as acetylation. However, this does not affect the natural beauty of the European Redwood that Accoya is made from. It also takes to paint and stain finishes very well, so you’re guaranteed an attractive addition to your home that you can also customise to your liking.

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