5 trendy front door ideas!

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

A quality front door is a key feature of the exterior of your home. It should complement the style, heighten security, and energy performance, whilst making a great first impression. Your front door is such a focal point, it’s condition could even prevent your house from selling! A new front door can rejuvenate a tired property façade that modern home buyers may have initially overlooked, allowing you to stand out from the crowd, and positively impacting on the rest of the neighbourhood too.

Delivering instant kerb appeal, from colour, to material to design, we have put together 5 trendy door ideas to inspire your own home improvement project.

1. Timber front doors with glass panels

This style of front door will allow light to pour into your hallway. The simplistic and contemporary look of a timber front door will not only enhance the interior of your home but will transform the exterior too. For privacy, you can choose etched or frosted glass to obscure the view into the house.

Brown Timber Entrance Door


2. Timber front door with glass side panels

Glass is a fashionable material for modern architectural designs. The reason it is so popular is the fact that glass is so aesthetically pleasing and brightens up homes by allowing natural light in. Glass is also super versatile, which means if you decide to have glass side panels installed, you can personalise it to suit your style. From the shape, configuration & glass finish, you can create just as much character on the exterior of your home as you can on the interior. For an ultra-modern look, why not add a T bar handle. The slim design will not distract from the glass details. Read our article: modern front doors with side panels ideas for your home, for more inspiration!

Brown Accoya Front Door


3. Make a bold statement with a dark coloured front door

According to Elle Décor, bold, and dark colours such as black, grey, midnight blue, and deep purples are on the rise. Normally associated with more modern and contemporary homes, dark colours also complement more traditional properties such as Tudor style homes, perfect for areas such as Warrington. The versatility of dark hues allows them to completely transform any property, whether you have a red brick home or a white stone cottage. Contrast is key: choose a bold paint colour that stands out again the rest of your exterior. For more coloured front door inspiration, click here.

Accoya Door with Bolectican moulds


4. Charming composite front doors

A composite door looks like a timber door but has all the benefits a 21st century home needs. A composite door is made from a section of materials that includes timber and uPVC. The unique solid timber core increases the strength and durability, giving the doors a life expectancy of 35 years. A great alternative to a timber door, our composite doors are 10% thicker than average, making them best for home security and energy efficiency.

Composite doors are also on-trend, due to their versatility when it comes to colour and style. For more inspiration have a look at our blog: 5 reasons to choose a composite front door.


Yellow composite door


5. Metallic accents & front door hardware

Another trend for 2020 is silver effect knockers, handles, letterboxes, and keyholes. Silver finishes are incredibly eye-catching against any colour. Whether you choose face fix handles, a rim doorknob, or want bespoke ironmongery, at Reddish Joinery we offer a range of doors with customisable hardware.

Turquoise blue safeguard composite door

Make a statement with a fashionable front door replacement

At Reddish Joinery we offer a wide range of front doors, no matter the style, we are here to transform your home’s aesthetic into something truly unique. Get your free online quote today or give us a call on 0161 969 7474.

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