5 reasons to choose a composite front door for your home

Black composite doorIf your front door is in need a revamp, a composite door is far more than just an adequate replacement. Composite doors combine a range of materials in an expert fashion, resulting in an exceptionally high-performance. Here are 5 key reasons why you should choose one for the front – or back – door of your home.

1. Incredible home security

In terms of security, composite doors really do take some beating. Ours feature a core that is 60% stronger than the standard equivalent, ensuring for maximum rigidity. In addition to the core, there are multiple solid brass hook locks. These run the full length of the outer frame, leaving no areas for a potential intruder to apply pressure to and exploit. Any areas of glazing are also locked into place with a unique S-glazed system. So, every area of the door is highly reinforced.

2. A more comfortable home & sustainable planet

Locking the glazing into place also helps to keep draughts from getting into your home and heat from escaping it. Therefore, making your home more comfortable and more energy efficient. Improving energy efficiency is beneficial because more energy efficient homes cost less to heat. However, it can also lower your carbon footprint too – perfect for anyone looking to create a more sustainable planet, like us here at Reddish.

Chartwell Green composite green3. Beautiful but natural good looks

Composite doors feature a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) exterior, which has been manufactured especially so it features natural woodgrain textures. This creates a beautiful looking exterior that will greatly improve the kerbside appeal of your home.

4. Built to withstand everyday living for years to come

The GRP exterior is not just good looking; they’re just as practical as they are stylish. Not only are they resistant to chips, scratches and other forms of damage but sun exposure won’t cause them to fade either. This ensures that their stylish facades will retain their appeal for years to come.

5. Huge potential to customise composite doors to your liking

When opting for a composite door from Reddish, you have access to contemporary and traditional door designs and both types can be fitted with a variety of stylish but unique glass designs. There’s also a range of furniture options, from letter plates to spyholes and door knockers, and over 256 possible colour combinations. Therefore, it’s easy to create a composite door that suits your tastes and the style of your home.

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 Providing every home with an abundance of style and numerous practical features, it’s difficult to go wrong with a composite front door. Interested in one for your home? Give Reddish Joinery a call on 0161 969 7474 or contact us online.

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