Modern front doors with side panels ideas for your home!

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Front doors with side panels are an excellent way to flood the front of your home with light. Having a side panel or two on a front door means there’s another area for you to personalise as you please and reflect your unique personality too. To give you some inspiration on what you can achieve, we’ve created this list of ideas for modern front doors with side panels:

uPVC French front doors with side and top panels

uPVC french front doors with side panelsA set of uPVC French doors instead of a single front door is an inventive way to enter and exit your home. In this particular example, French doors are combined with textured glass side panels and an arched uPVC frame with leaded glass top light, creating a unique, stylish feature for the front of this property.

Chartwell Green composite door in an arched uPVC frame with side panels

Newark rock door in white uPVC frame

Chartwell Green is one of the hottest door colours at the moment. In the case of this smart composite door, this vintage and inviting shade is complemented beautifully by the classic white arch surrounding it, whilst the side and top panels finish off the traditional look.

Pewter Grey Accoya front door with sidelights

Accoya door with boletican moulds

The practical properties of Accoya wood make it an excellent material to use for a front door. But when you consider how good it can look too, the decision to have one fitted to your home really should be a no-brainer. The Pewter Grey finish of this Accoya front door looks fantastic with etched glass sidelights, chrome door furniture and Boletican moulds – a beautiful blend of classic and contemporary features.

Modern black composite door with etched glass side panel

Modern black composite door

This stylish black composite door features an etched glass side panel, allowing plenty of light into the home but keeping prying eyes from seeing inside. With the number of the home carefully etched into the side panel, this contemporary front door with modern bar handle has its own unique way of telling people which property they’re standing outside.

Hardwood timber door with bevelled glass side panels

Hardwood timber entrance door

Hardwood timber front doors always make a great addition to the front of a property, especially when they’re complemented so nicely by bevelled glass panels and corresponding sidelights. The beauty of bevelled glass is, not only does it provide visual enhancement to the places it’s been fitted, but it also refracts light in such a way as to keep the privacy of your home intact.

Oak timber effect front door with textured glass sidelights

timber effect entrance door

Despite not being made from real wood, this Oak timber effect front door – actually built from uPVC – looks not only very appealing but extremely convincing too. Its deep woodgrain finish, rich oak colour and gold door furniture give it a traditional feel, and this is complemented very nicely by the textured glass sidelights.

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