How long do timber windows last before needing replacing?

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Accoya timber window

For as undeniably beautiful and warm historical timber frames can be, they provide a constant challenge for the modern homeowner. Most often succumb to rot which can prove expensive, shrinkage which can lead to poor insulation, and require frequent varnishing in order to stay looking attractive. But whereas the original timber frames present in period properties falter, a new contemporary solution that allows timber windows to last longer, is Accoya wood.

A revolutionary new form of engineered timber and Reddish’s recommended material for almost any application, with Accoya Wood it’s rare you’ll even need to think about replacing windows at all.

Sustainably sourced Accoya wood with an expectancy of 70 years

Once Accoya timber windows are installed, the earliest they’ll need to be swapped out is after 60 years. In many cases, the majority enjoy a lifespan of 10 years on top of that. Such impressive expectancy is made possible thanks to how Accoya wood improves upon the cellular structure of its timber, thanks to a process known as acetylation.

Acetylation completely transforms the internal cell structure of the wood, making it much denser and therefore resistant to the elements. Despite this, authentic style is successfully maintained within a product that can now also compete – and sometimes best – other options such as aluminium and uPVC.

Intricate material benefits that keeps modern timber fighting fit

Rot is by far the most persistent problem amongst original timber frames used for casements and vertical sliders, with cills being the infamous problem area. The modified cell structure of Accoya wood combats this by rendering itself inedible to any creepy-crawlies. Even when succumbing to the harsh rainfall, Accoya similarly resists water. In fact, should you wish to ever customise or overhaul your windows, this modified wood accepts paint and varnish much easier.

Accoya polished windows

Improving upon original timber frames in almost every way

To better put into perspective how Accoya timber windows outpace their historical counterpart in addition to a longer lifespan, we’ve put together some of the highlights:

  • Estimated lifespan of around 80 years
  • Wood shrinkage reduced by up to 75%
  • More accepting of varnish and paint
  • UV resistant for longer-lasting wood aesthetic
  • Highly recyclable
  • Sourced from sustainable forests

Timber windows from Reddish Joinery that last a lifetime

Of course, the great advantage of Accoya timber windows is that once installed, often they’ll outlive the homeowner. With an 80-year lifespan comes with it a lifetime of peace of mind, knowing that after the initial investment, exceptional performance and style will always be sustained.

To start enjoying the many benefits they bring, call our team today on 0161 969 7474 or contact us online.

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