How to clean Accoya windows: our simple guide

Last Updated: 27 April 2023

Accoya is an amazing construction material, perfect for manufacturing home improvement products. If you’ve had Accoya windows installed, you’ve made a great choice! Although you may be wondering how you can clean them to keep them looking great for their lifespan. Wonder no more as we’ve put together a simple guide for you to follow.

grey and white accoya window

When to clean Accoya windows

The weather conditions are important when you clean your Accoya windows, too much sunlight or wind can cause them to dry too quickly leaving unwanted streaks and marks. Saving your cleaning for the perfect weather will leave you with the best possible finish, you want it to be warm, yet cloudy.

Cleaning Accoya windows

You should always avoid using aggressive cleaning products as these can stain your Accoya windows. Similarly, you need to avoid using any kind of alkaline on Accoya as it will invalidate any warranties of the durability or performance of your product. Simply using a home cleaning solution is your best option, try diluting household soap with warm water.

Method for cleaning the frames

  • Start by wiping over dry frames with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust. Once the frames are wet, you’ll find dust smears everywhere so it’s always best to take this additional step first.
  • Taking a non-abrasive brush and your soapy solution you’re going to want to wipe over the frames and hardware ensuring you get into all of the corners and crevices.
  • Finally, take either a paper towel or a soft, dry cloth and dry off the frames, this will prevent unwanted watermarks or streaks.

Method for cleaning the glass

Fancy glass cleaners aren’t necessary at all. Instead, you can make your own cleaning solution that will leave your glass clean and mark-free. For the perfect glass cleaner add a squirt of washing-up liquid, six tablespoons of white vinegar, and four cups of warm water into a bucket.

  • Start by using your soft, dry cloth to remove any dust from the glass.
  • Take your glass cleaning solution and thoroughly cover all of the glass until it is wet.
  • Using a non-abrasive sponge or cloth wipe over the glass.
  • Rinse the glass with plain water, to remove any residual solution.
  • Finally, dry the glass with a squeegee for a great finish with no unwanted marks.

Accoya home improvements from Reddish Joinery

Accoya is a high-performance manufactured timber that is perfect for home improvement products. If you’re interested in a set of Accoya windows or doors in your home, Reddish Joinery can help. Call us today on 01619697474 or contact us online.

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