Case study: Replacement stained glass windows for classy Burnage home

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Burnage stained glass window

This April, Reddish Joinery had the pleasure of completing the supply and installation of a set of stained glass windows, leaving homeowner Mrs. Barber a very happy returning customer. The new replacement windows meant that Mrs. Barber was able to efficiently personalise her home in a truly unique way, letting it boast a personality not too dissimilar to her own.

A returning customer, familiar with Reddish’ service

Mrs. Barber knew she was in good hands when opting for Reddish to fabricate and install her new replacement windows, much preferring the personal and family-run service we were able to offer and having chosen us for a previous home improvement job in the past.

Mrs. Barber who sought some stylish, as well as efficient windows for her home situated in Burnage, desired a simple yet elegant flower design for her new replacement windows. Thanks to our modern manufacturing techniques, it didn’t matter what sized or shaped aperture needed to be filled, our expert team always provide extreme versatility with any stained glass window.

Window replacements that provide privacy and personalisation

Mrs. Barber knew that having stained glass windows was the ideal solution for brightening up and stimulating an otherwise boring room, adding visual interest and becoming the focal point for whenever guests visit.

For homeowners wishing to enhance the aesthetic personality of their home as well as maintain a bit of much appreciated privacy, stained glass windows from Reddish Joinery really are a perfect choice! Because they are ornately decorated in whatever style or pattern you choose, stained glass windows ensure that no one can see into your property unless opened.

stained glass burnage

Traditional in design, modern in function

All of our stained glass windows are an easy and effective way of providing a beautiful and traditional touch to any style of property, heritage or otherwise. Previously exclusive to listed and historical buildings that wanted to project a high status, more and more domestic homes are realising the benefits that stained glass windows have to offer.

Traditional design thankfully doesn’t mean traditional function, however, with Mrs. Barber’s new stained glass windows easily being sandwiched inside of a double glazing unit to guarantee a modern performance that will always keep the heat in and keep the cold out.

Mrs. Barber was so impressed with the job Reddish had done she expressed:

“Fabulous job on these windows encasing them in double glazing also, It was a great job by a team of friendly and efficient fitters!”

Professional replacement service from the stained glass specialists

When carrying out any type of home improvement project on your property, Reddish Joinery always work with you and keep you informed throughout the entire duration of the work process. Ranging from stained glass window replacements to replacement tiled conservatory roofs, we’re committed to leaving each and every customer we work with just as happy has Mrs. Barber.

For more information on how we can help renovate your home, call us on 0164 969 7474 or contact us online.

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