Case Study: Gothic Georgian bars for windows

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

gothic georgian bars

The brief: Gothic style windows with curved Georgian bars

The homeowners wanted to create a bespoke set of windows in the Gothic style with curved Georgian bars, but with a modern twist. The project called for the combination of traditional and modern elements of design, in intricate crossed arches with slim and clean lines.

CNC precision

The technical requirements of this particular project required a complicated degree of precision when it came to cutting the timber design. Thanks to the new CNC machine which we recently had installed at our factory, we were able to cut the intricate arching shapes of the Gothic style that the homeowners were looking to create in their window. A good CNC machine, a skilled operator and high quality wood is integral when it comes to crafting the perfect bespoke timber window design. Luckily, we have all three here at Reddish Joinery.

The glazing and finishing

The window frames were spray-booth painted in RAL Grey to help create the modern aesthetic element that the homeowners wanted in the project.

The finished frames were then combined with double glazing to provide the overall window with excellent energy efficiency properties. Double glazing uses the space between two panes of glass to trap and retain heat in a property for longer. This can help to reduce the cost of heating bills.

The result

The homeowners were thrilled with the final result, and so were we. The windows manage to combine the beautiful curves and arches of the traditional Gothic style, with the clean, slim sightlines of modern design. The result is a window that seamlessly blends the best of traditional and modern design. Thanks to the high quality timber used in its construction, the windows have great thermal retention properties and will have a working lifespan of up to 60 years.

Reddish Joinery: bespoke window specialists based near Manchester

If you’re looking to create a bespoke window for your property, Reddish Joinery can help. Employing the latest woodworking technology, we can cut intricate designs suited to the demands of most projects. For more information about our bespoke window services, please give us a call on 0161 969 7474 or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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