5 most popular home improvement projects for 2022

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

With Summer finally here, many homeowners are looking forward to relaxing out in the sun. However, now is actually the perfect opportunity to get the home ready for Winter. In 2022, this year of all years, the cost of living is soaring and energy prices have never been higher. As such, Greater Manchester homeowners need to invest in quality, energy-efficient home improvement products if they are to reduce their energy bills.

However, style and space are still incredibly desirable characteristics. In 2022, homeowners are looking for products that combine efficiency with aesthetics. With that in mind, here are the most popular home improvement projects of the year…

1.     Replacement windows in Greater Manchester

Trapping heat and conserving energy will be the absolute priority for Greater Manchester homeowners this coming Winter. That’s why countless homeowners are finally updating their long-outdated windows to newer models with enhanced thermal performance.

With the help of modern double-glazing technology, our windows have incredibly low U-values. These measure the rate of thermal transfusion through a surface. The lower the U-value, the less heat that can pass through the window. That means more comfortable, cooler homes during the Summer, and warmer, less draughty homes in the Winter.

Solar heat from outside will not infiltrate, and warmth from the central heating won’t escape. This latter point is particularly important, as it means that homeowners won’t have to overwork their central heating systems to keep the house warm. This is what will help homeowners to reduce the effect of the recent energy price hike in 2022.

Reddish Joinery offer windows in a complete range of energy-efficient materials, including uPVC and aluminium. However, our vintage Accoya timber windows exhibit exceptional natural insulating properties. They are sure to bring both optimal thermal performance and traditional aesthetics to your Greater Manchester home.

Green Accoya wood windows on brick house

2.     Conservatory replacement roofs in Greater Manchester

Across Greater Manchester, thousands of old dysfunctional conservatories are becoming unusable spaces. Due to poor insulation and outdated roofs, they are far too hot in the Summer and too cold in the Winter. To combat this, conservatory roof replacement has become one of the most popular home improvement projects in the area.

Tiled conservatory roofs are particularly popular. Being an opaque, strong and lightweight material, they absorb the sun’s rays and prevent heat from escaping. Not only does this make your conservatory a much more comfortable space all year round, but it also helps to significantly reduce energy bills.

Greater Manchester residents have fallen in love with our Supalite tiled roofs, with benefits such as:

  • The humidity-proof insulation, making it compatible with kitchen conservatory extensions
  • Extremely strong aluminium structure
  • Design configurations including inbuilt LED lighting or vaulted ceilings
  • A wide range of colour options

Supalite tiled conservatory roof tiles brown garden

3.     Orangeries for Greater Manchester homeowners

2022 living is all about space and light. Many homeowners are looking to extend their home and create a greater sense of connection with the outside world. Achieving both of these goals at once, it’s no surprise that orangeries are incredibly popular right now. With multiple panes of glazing and a solid brick base, they offer the looks of a quality conservatory with the feel of a permanent extension.

Exhibiting outstanding thermal performance, orangeries are comfortable spaces that have an endless variety of uses. Many Greater Manchester homeowners use it as a dining area. However, you can also use it as a home gym, a play area, a home bar and more. With more people working from home these days, thousands of homeowners are looking to make other parts of the home a more recreational space. An orangery offers that recreation without compromising on energy efficiency.

Duck egg orangery with french doors

4.     Home offices

With that in mind, one of the most popular home improvement projects in 2022 has been creating home offices. Now that working from home has become a more permanent feature in many people’s lives, dedicated workspaces at home are becoming exceedingly common.

In fact, it has become a common use for conservatories. Some are even installing brand new conservatories just for this purpose. And why not? With modern glazing and exceptional noise insulation, a new conservatory can be a very peaceful and comfortable space to study and focus.

inside a black Conservatory

5.     Bifold doors in Greater Manchester

Finally, injecting the home with sleek aesthetics and natural light, bifold doors are an immensely popular product right now. Folding over each other in a concertina style, their panels seamlessly connect the indoors and outdoors. What better way to step out into your garden than through a set of bespoke bifold doors?

An ideal addition to a kitchen or conservatory, they are great for hosting barbecues and social gatherings in the Summer. During Winter, their high-performance glazing will help the home to maintain its heat and reduce energy bills.

An internal set of Accoya wood bifold doors

Home improvement projects throughout Greater Manchester

Reddish Joinery offer and install a full range of home improvement products. Our expert team are more than happy to discuss your project with you and supply you with in-depth industry knowledge. You can contact us by calling us on 01619697474 or contacting us online.



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