Will timber ever be replaced as the go-to door material?

Last Updated: 2 August 2023

Timber door

In the crazy and fast-paced industry that is the world of construction and home improvement, some materials come and go, but others stay set firmly in place due to how dependable they continue to be. One such example is timber, which has remained a popular choice for entrance doors up and down the country for many decades, originally due to necessity but now due to how high-performing and attractive they still are.

So with this in mind, is it likely that timber will ever be replaced as the go-to door material? We at Reddish Joinery don’t think so, here’s why:

Much more than the traditional timber doors of yesteryear

Timber doors can be traced almost as far back as the time of Ancient Egyptians, having been referred to in the Biblical depiction of King Solomon’s Temple, the door to which was supposedly carved from gold and olive wood. As we know them today however, timber doors have been a popular choice of entrance style since the late 19th century, but for the longest time they suffered from plenty of pesky drawbacks.

Age old timber doors would often be prone to frequent draughts, rattles, cold spots that would otherwise impede on the ideal levels of comfort for the modern homeowner. Our high-performance modern variants overcome these disadvantages, with recent developments making it possible for all to enjoy a classically-styled timber entrance that easily rivals uPVC and aluminium options.

Inherently natural insulation qualities that can’t be beaten

Purely in terms of thermal efficiency and heat retention, competing door materials always have trouble keeping up, applying technical/design-based workarounds just to match. Timber is a natural heat and electrical insulator, allowing doors engineered using it to resist high temperatures while preventing warmth from escaping.

Timber door

If anything, timber only strengthens more so whenever it gets warm. This is because as moisture evaporates from the wood, it’s less likely to expand which typically causes other materials such as aluminium and steel to bend and break under intense heat. In short, if you want to enjoy the lowest U-values and highest levels of thermal retention, timber doors deliver every time.

The first choice for residents of period properties

Preferable but by no means limited to, timber truly shine when incorporated into UK properties of a rural nature or classic architecture style. We simply can’t imagine uPVC or aluminium doors fitting in as nicely as doors engineered in the material these kinds of homes originally made use of, with timber doors evoking a warmth and countrified beauty simply not found elsewhere.

Timber doors from Reddish that balance beauty and performance

Timber doors from the Reddish Joinery range still remain the premium choice for period property homeowners seeking an entrance style that is long-lasting, beautiful, and efficient. Especially if engineered in highly durable Accoya wood, they’ll always excel at providing classic aesthetics without any of the classic drawbacks.

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