Why try Tricoya?

Last Updated: 8 February 2023

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Here at Reddish, we always try our best to inform customers about the various ways timber-based products can help further enhance your home, despite common myths and beliefs. One way of doing this has been our long established relationship with Accsys Technologies, prestigious fabricator of Accoya wood, the sustainably resourced timber brand that easily rivals both uPVC and aluminium.

Now, Reddish Joinery are proud to reveal that we now supply and install Accsys Technologies’ latest advancement in the form of Tricoya, perfectly complementing our already well received Accoya line of timber products! When considering your next home improvement project from Reddish why not try it? You might just be glad that you did!

Accoya wood perfected

Tricoya successfully iterates on the successful Accoya wood formula, providing homeowners with a high performance timber solution for suitable for most desired projects, but this time placing emphasis on durability and stability. Whereas Accoya wood products already matched the qualities of existing softwoods and hardwoods whilst remaining eco-friendly, Tricoya retains these qualities whilst combining all the advantages of wood composite panels.

Tricoya based wood composites are particularly great for outdoor applications, largely thanks to their increased resistant against potential rotting and fungal decay. From Fascia and soffit panels than can entirely renovate your roofing to window components that always ensure your home is well insulated, Tricoya allows us to deliver the best in timber insulation to never leave homeowners out in the cold.

Providing the very best in dimensional stability, durability and sustainability

Tricoya improves upon the exceptional performance already established by Accoya wood, enhancing the timber’s dimensional stability and durability and providing an effective barrier to fungal decay. The functionality and versatility of wood based composite panels such as Tricoya are ideal for properties that desire high strength, good insulation and ease of use.

Whilst wood is commonly known as a naturally insulating material, it is also naturally inclined to swell, rot and shrink, Tricoya eradicates all of these issues by eradicating poor stability and durability. Tricoya has been rigorously tested by institutes both inside and outside Europe, coming to the conclusion that it’s performance is so outstanding that it can safely be used in very adverse outside environments.

Accoya Orangery

Advantages of Tricoya wood

  • Long lasting, perfect for outdoor structures
  • Highly resistant to fungal decay
  • Testing by BRE estimates a lifespan of 60 years
  • FSC certified with wood used from sustainable resources
  • Enhanced stability with reduced swelling and shrinking
  • Lower maintenance: Extended periods needed between re-coatings
  • Natural insulation that improves upon other hardwood and softwood options

Reddish Joinery: Pioneers in innovative wood technology

Accoya has already established itself as the world’s leading high technology long life wood option, this formula has been taken further once more with the introduction of Tricoya.

For more information on how Reddish can help renovate your home using Tricoya, call us on 0161 969 7474 or get in touch with us online, it’s free!

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