Are you aware of all of the benefits Accoya wood has to offer?

Last Updated: 28 September 2023


A new world of sustainable and low maintenance home improvement products

Accoya has successfully established itself as the leading timber product currently used in windows, doors and conservatories today! Late last year we were lucky enough to visit Accsys Technologies to further learn about its unique advantages. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint!

Accoya wood can be seen as ideal material for manufacture of high performance exterior timber products. Accoya wood is a non-toxic and recyclable raw material which means it can be used and re-used again and again.

Accoya wood is light, easy to manage and although strong can be easily worked. It also reduces energy loss and can be used for bio-fuel at the end of its product life. Accoya wood also contributes to the reduction of global warming.

Wooden products that easily rival uPVC and aluminium

Whether used for a window, door or conservatory, timber’s biggest advantage is that it’s always been a naturally insulating material. This means that heat has a much more difficult time of escaping, resulting in a warmer home with rooms that can more comfortably be used all year round.

Timber window frames have been commonly used, since windows with glass panes started to be fitted in homes. Despite being the most expensive option, they successfully make any home look more distinct and authentic, two features that aluminium and uPVC can struggle to provide.

Manufactured from sustainable forests to benefit both homeowner and environment

The best part about opting for an Accoya wood product installed by Reddish is that all of the material is sourced from sustainable resources, protecting the environment from common treatments. If this wasn’t enough, Accoya windows can be safely re-used or recycled once it reaches the end of its impressive 50-year lifespan.

We at Reddish are so sure that you’ll appreciate the fine craftsmanship and various benefits that can be found with Accoya that all of our products are guaranteed for at least 10 years. The lifetime costs are significantly less than those made from other wood species due to Accoya’s improved durability and coatings performance.

Accoya and timber interior doors
Just some of Accoya’s bespoke advantages:

  • Retains both hardness and strength means it can be applied to any project however demanding
  • Consistent and highest quality of wood all round
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing process that still benefits from a naturally beautiful finish
  • Natural insulation which improves upon other hardwood and softwood options
  • Extremely long-lasting ensured to last at least 50 years for above-ground projects

Reddish Joinery: Britain’s premier Accoya installer

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