What’s better than triple glazing? Ultimate double glazing

Last Updated: 8 February 2023

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Though many might not have heard about it, ultimate double glazing is the up and coming alternative to triple glazing that doesn’t need to break the bank to keep homes insulated. Easily rivalling the efficiency levels typical seen with three glazing panels, we at Reddish Joinery are able to do so with just two thanks to ultimate double glazing

Double glazing at its most evolved!

Put simply, ultimate double glazing is the process of installing 28mm double glazed units using two panes that are each 6mm thick. This saves the need to integrate 2 sheets of soft-coat glass either side of one sheet of clear glass, still being able to retain any precious heat that would otherwise be at risk of escaping the home.

Though a practice still in its infancy, ultimate double glazed units achieve the same performance levels found in their triple glazed counterpart. The two panels utilised are separated by a warm edge spacer bar that further reduces heating costs while comfortably holding the glass in place. Ultimate double glazing is much lighter than triple glazing, therefore much safer.

Avoiding the costly price that can come with triple glazing

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For all of its benefits, triple glazing has infamously become known for the much higher price tag that comes with it when compared to conventional double glazing. Though equally as insulating with u values as low as 1.0 W/m2K, the cost of ultimate double glazing rather coincidentally sits between the other two options, being 10% more cost effective than triple glazing.

Suddenly the advent of a warmer home is a much more appealing prospect for those suffering from frequent draughts, rattles, and heat leaks which plague the home. Ultimate double glazing also bodes the potential to lower your home’s energy costs, due to less reliance on artificial heating being required to warm properties.

Rendering homes thermally and acoustically insulating

Adding to ultimate double glazing’s thermal retentive and soundproofing qualities, is the fact that it isn’t just air sealed between the unit’s panels, but inert argon gas. This allows for any noise to better be blocked for the ultimate peaceful atmosphere upon returning home. Especially if you reside close to a built-up area or a busy road, ultimate double glazing is silent but effective.

Make your home a warmer one with ultimate double glazing from Reddish

Be one of the first to take part in what is likely the most efficient and cost-effective way of warming your home.

For more information about ultimate double glazing and what it can do for your home, call our team today on 0161 969 7474 or contact us online.

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