Vintage front door designs: 10 of our best creations

Last Updated: 7 February 2023

If there’s one true fact about your home’s front door, it’s the fact that they have the potential to create the most memorable first impressions. At Reddish we’ve completed thousands of entrance door installations throughout the area of Cheshire, all in the effort to achieve this for every individual homeowner.

To celebrate some of our hard work, we’ve decided to show off some of our favourite vintage front door designs – with the hope of possibly providing some much needed inspiration for any more budding designers seeking to enhance their home’s front. Each front door on this will be just as individual of the last, each providing their own sense of charm and identity to ensure that every transition back into the house is something to be proud of!

1) Bespoke stable door in Red

stable door

2) Accoya wood entrance door in Blue

Blue Accoya front door

3) uPVC front door with arched window in white

A uPVC front door with arched window above

4) Hardwood front door in White

hardwood timber door

5) Traditional timber door

One of our timber doors

6) uPVC entrance door in vibrant yellow

yellow entrance door

7) Hardwood timber entrance door with stainless steel handle in black

timber solidor in black

8) uPVC entrance door complete with etched glazing pattern

door etched glass

9) Hardwood timber door in Rosewood complete with arched surrounding

timber door rose wood

10) Timber entrance door featuring gold furniture and hardware

hardwood timber door

Whether your home is more traditional or contemporary, you can gain peace of mind knowing that each one of our installations will merge seamlessly with your home’s character catering to your own personal style and needs simultaneously. See a design you’d like to take advantage of? Contact us online to start the process that will put you one step closer to your dream entrance door!

For more information regarding any of our products contact us on 0161 969 7474 or get in touch online.

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