7 reasons to choose uPVC windows for your Cheshire home

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

White uPVC roof trim

It used to be that uPVC windows were frowned upon for use in British homes. And though we at Reddish Joinery make a point of sharing the benefits at timber, we have and always will advocate the use of uPVC windows as well, largely since they’re sometimes more suitable for certain homeowners. To help better hit this point home, here are 7 reasons to choose uPVC windows for your Cheshire home.

White double glazed uPVC windows

1. The most affordable material

There’s no denying that home improvement can be a costlier endeavour when not budgeted correctly. Opting to install uPVC windows over timber or aluminium helps to minimalize this somewhat, being the most affordable of the three while still performing exceptionally well. uPVC also keeps costs down post-installation too, reducing energy bills thanks to improved insulation.

2. Easy to look after

Whereas timber used in the windows of yesteryear could often be prone to rot, infestation, and cracking, uPVC windows have continued to offer homeowners a solution free from all these right from day one. They never need painting or re-sealing and perfectly suit the “set and forget” mentality most modern properties require.

3. Configurable to multiple shapes and styles

By its very nature, uPVC is flexible. This makes the material an ideal choice for homeowners in Cheshire, with windows using it able to be formed into a plethora of shapes and styles. Be it from the simplicity of casement windows, to the complexity of tilt turn, or the space-altering benefits that come with bay/bow, uPVC windows can be adapted in any way necessary.

4. Effective soundproofing

Perfect for those residing in industrial or built-up areas, uPVC windows can accommodate multiple layers of glazing to help block out any unwanted noise. Living spaces are quieter, the environments more comfortable, and homes will just generally be much more inviting thanks to effective soundproofing.

Leaded uPVC windows

5. Impressive thermal retention

Another way uPVC windows render properties more comfortable through insulation, their multi-chambered frames prevent any heat that’s likely to escape from doing so. It also helps that uPVC is non-conductive to heat unlike timber, allowing for a consistent temperature throughout the building. Things are kept cool in Summer and warm in Winter.

6. Highly recyclable

Helping all homeowners reduce their carbon footprint just a little, uPVC can be recycled up to an impressive 10 times. This means that when the time eventually does come for the frames to be replaced, their offcuts can be broken down and re-used to create something that would otherwise require new energy.

7. Multiple colours to suit any established aesthetic

Long gone are the days when the only colour possible with uPVC was the simple and traditional White. Instead, Reddish Joinery offers an entire suite of eclectic tones and shades, ideal for homeowners who want to shake up or continue their properties existing aesthetic. There’s even the opportunity to evoke the feel of original timber with authentic woodgrain foils.

Flexible uPVC windows Cheshire homeowners can adore

If you’d like to take advantage of the benefits uPVC windows bring, you can easily reach the Reddish Joinery team today either via phone on 0161 969 7474 or send us an online message.

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