uPVC vs timber orangeries: what are the differences?

Last Updated: 2 August 2023

Orangeries are, quite simply, one of the best ways to create space at home. Their luxurious and highly customisable designs mean they can be used to create stylish game rooms, kitchens, home offices, gyms, or anything else for that matter. But for anyone interested in buying one, you might be wondering whether uPVC or timber orangeries are best for you. So, as we install both, we’ve created this uPVC vs timber orangeries blog to help you out.

uPVC orangeries

Black uPVC OrangeryDespite being a more cost-effective solution compared to timber, uPVC orangeries offer plenty of outstanding features:

  • Not only is uPVC a natural insulator but uPVC profiles have also been fitted with heat-trapping chambers. So, when used with the latest double glazing and insulated brickwork that you find on orangeries, they ensure you can enjoy a warm space for less.
  • uPVC is a material that requires only the odd clean with soap and warm water to look its best, meaning they are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Resistant to discolouration from UV exposure, warping and swelling, uPVC is a durable material that can last for many years to come.
  • A wide range of smooth and woodgrain finishes can be applied to uPVC frames, the latter allowing them to take on the appearance of natural timber.

Timber orangeries

Timber orangeryTimber orangeries cost more than their uPVC counterpart, but this is not without good reason:

  • We use Accoya wood when constructing our timber orangeries and this is one of the most naturally durable materials around. With a lifespan of 80 years and a 50-year guarantee against rot, they will last and last.
  • Accoya is also a 40% better insulator than standard hardwoods, so when combined with the latest glazing technologies, you can enjoy a comfortable and quiet living space throughout the year.
  • Coatings on Accoya wood last for 3 or 4 years longer than other woods, so in addition to the odd clean, retreating them every 10 years or so is the only maintenance they’ll ever need.
  • There are a wide range of paint and stain finishes that can be applied to Accoya wood, meaning you can achieve a wealth of different looks.

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