4 ways to make your orangery cooler this summer

Last Updated: 5 September 2022

Timber and uPVC orangeries from Reddish are a luxurious alternative to conservatories and are great for adding the “wow-factor” to any home. An orangery, or ‘orangery extension’, boasts a flat roof and atrium top. Orangeries are also bright and comfortable, leaving you with the perfect place to use as you wish.

But how can you keep your orangery a little bit cooler during the summer months?

Open your windows and doorsA uPVC orangery in white

An absolute no-brainer is to open your windows and doors, but make sure that you open them before the room gets too hot. Encouraging the air to flow throughout the day will help keep your orangery at a consistent, cool temperature.

Purchase a fan for your orangery

For an extra boost of air, we would recommend that you invest in a portable fan for you to move around and use as you wish. Or alternatively, if you would prefer a permanent fixture, you could invest in a ceiling fan instead.

Change your furniture around in your orangery

Accoya wood timber orangery

Has there been an occasion when you have found your black leather sofa hot to touch? Do not worry – you are not alone as a lot of our customers have too. We all know that darker coloured furniture, more specifically the blacks and blues, absorb heat. Their material soon becomes unpleasant to touch, let alone to sit on and enjoy.

Which is why we would recommend opting for brighter, lighter coloured furniture, such as wicker, in your orangery. These types of furniture will reflect heat, keeping your orangery feeling cool and content.

Purchase made-to-measure orangery blinds

A quick fix for keeping your orangery cooler during the summer months is by purchasing some conservatory blinds and shielding your orangery from the sun.

Orangery blinds come in all shapes, sizes, and colours from patterned blinds through to neutral colour blinds, and manual, mains or solar configurations for ease of operation. Our integrated blinds from Reddish Joinery provide both style and convenience to your double glazing.

Beautifully handcrafted timber, aluminium and uPVC home improvements for your Cheshire property

With 50 years of experience, we are experts in home improvements. From windows and doors through to conservatories and orangeries, we are confident that we can help you as much as we have our previous customers in Woodley, Stockport and Hazel Grove, Stockport. Get in contact for more information.

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