Upgrade your old conservatory in time for the festive season

Last Updated: 7 February 2023

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Replace rather than renew to reinvent your extension in time for the Winter

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More and more homeowners are beginning the benefit of replacing a certain element of their property’s double glazing as opposed to a complete renewal, acting as a much more affordable way of getting the most of your home’s energy efficiency and performance the moment you start to recognise its under-delivering.

With the Winter season starting to roll in and Halloween and Christmas just around the corner, an upgraded replacement roof for your conservatory is absolutely the best way to prevent the risk of draughts, cold spots and rattling, letting you comfortably use the space during the Winter. Rest easy knowing that here at Reddish Joinery we offer various replacement roofs capable of retaining the heat in your existing extension, here’s why you may want to consider an upgrade:

Better insulation that makes for a warmer Halloween and Christmas

A degraded or dilapidated conservatory roof can cause a lot of unwanted hassle and problems if left alone for too long. Either a glazed or tiled roof system from Reddish offers a welcome solution to these draughty problems that can sometimes arise, making great use of high quality sealed panels that feature argon gas internally – Your upgraded conservatory will always stay the correct temperature.

Whether through a tiled or glazed replacement roof, impressive insulation, as well as generous light entry, is always a certainty. We understand that like the rest of your home, each conservatory is style and as such like to offer both varieties. Our solid replacement roofs make use of a multi-layered foam core that much better traps heat, customisable to one of three tile colour shades: Carbon Grey, Harvest Brown and Terra Brick.

Much quicker than a full-scale conservatory construction

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The beauty of replacing your conservatory’s dilapidated roof as opposed to an entire reconstruction is that our team can deliver the finished product in a relatively quick turnaround. This means that you’ll be able to better feel and enjoy the benefits almost instantly, with existing conservatory roof replacements subtly adding new heat-proofing qualities and style quickly.

It provides a great opportunity to reinvent the way you wish to use the space going forward also. As well as enhanced energy efficiency, comfort and protection, your choice of replacement roof can also provide other welcome features, such as improved soundproofing and better light transmission.

A replacement roof is for life, not just for Christmas

Although these various enhanced benefits are a welcome addition when the upcoming winter season begins to set in, our roofs maintain a healthy level of comfort 365 days a year also.

For more information on how this is achieved feel free to visit each products respective pages, or call our team on 0161 9696 7474, or fill out our free no-obligation enquiry form.

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