Glazing for homeowners in Chorlton

Boasting a rich and storied history which dates as far back as the 9th century, Chorlton has played host to many peoples over time. This means that today, the suburb features an eclectic mix of Edwardian, Victorian, and contemporary properties, all adding to the area’s lovely sense of place and intriguing character. The most notable overhaul to happen to Chorlton came with the loss of its railway station in the 1970s. In its place came a significant social housing development, being indicative of Chorlton’s continuing suburban growth.

For the most part Reddish has been present to take part in these continuing changes, helping hundreds of local homeowners improve their homes using high-performance windows, doors, and conservatories. Our collection features various styles and options. Whatever ambitions you have for your Chorlton home, regardless of age or style, we have the tools to make your property dreams a reality.

Improvements in local places like Neil Lane, Longford Road, and beyond

Wherever in Chorlton you are located, it’s highly likely that we’ve already worked on a property not too far away from your own home. From the semi-detached properties found in places like Morville, Warwick, and Brantingham Road, to the many terraced houses present, whether you want to improve your home’s style, security or performance, we can help!

Family run installations that are friendly and personable

With over 50 years’ experience enhancing and improving homes in and around Manchester and the surrounding suburbs like Chorlton, Reddish Joinery remains family run. This results in a unique personable touch that lets us treat every home we operate in as if it’s our own. We’re a passionate team of home improvement professionals, ready to use our skills to wherever and however is necessary.

Installation photos

A collection of photos from our installations across Chorlton. View the full gallery