Three window styles which will always be in fashion

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Futureproofing your home is one of those overlooked practices that can often prove invaluable. If done right, the simple act of giving the style of windows and doors a little more thought can allow you to reap the aesthetic rewards well into the future, creating a timeless elegance that leaves other outdated homes in the neighbourhood by the wayside.

We at Reddish Joinery have a pretty good idea in how to accomplish this, having served the people of Cheshire for over half a century. These three window styles have remained popular for a reason, and still offer the ability to make heads turn even today!

Flush sash casement window

Casement Windows

One of the UK’s most popular and recognisable window style, a casement window is simply a window where the frame is hinged on the side, opening outwards. No frills, no nonsense, just pure stripped-back style and function. But it’s in this simplicity that casements are often considered the most timeless of designs when compared to other available window styles.

While the earliest example of casement window was engineered from iron way back when in the 18th century, it was eventually in the Victorian period that the design was popularised further when manufacturers began to fabricate them in timber. These days, the Reddish Joinery team offer the style in both durable uPVC or engineered Accoya wood that does away with the traditional high maintenance drawbacks. Casement windows have been a property mainstay for centuries, and they’ll continue to be so for many years.

White flush sash window

Sash Windows

The perfect blend of modern materials and classic function, sliding sash units are again, one of those window styles you just can’t keep down, having graced properties since the 17th century. The design is characterised by the inner sash’s upwards sliding function that makes it an ideal choice for ventilating living spaces should ever a breeze be required to roll In. The design is instantly evocative of the Edwardian and Victorian period, but its neutral aesthetic and appreciated function, is ideal for all UK homes going forward.

Flush Sash Windows

A slightly neater take on the classic casement window style, flush sash windows earn their title from the fact that every unit comes fitted with a sash that sits completely flush within the window’s frame. The approach is inherently classical but also unquestionably attractive. Easily rivalling the sleek aesthetics aluminium frames are renowned for, flush sash windows engineered in either uPVC or timber create a unique “tucked-in” appearance that is universal and long-lasting.

Dependable window styles that’ll stand the test of time

Any of the window styles discussed above are sure to stay fashionable, removing the need for UK homeowners to consistently think about upgrading. What’s more all allow for variable degrees of customisation to still exude an appreciated personable touch.

If you’d like to enjoy a timelessly styled home, contact Reddish either via 0161 969 7474 or online message.

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