The cheaters’ guide to wooden windows

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Residence 9 mock wooden windows

Sometimes (although we’re loath to admit it) timber windows may not be right for your property. If you’re in this position and want to get the look of timber though, don’t panic! Here at Reddish Joinery we offer a variety of mock timber uPVC windows so that you can cheat and get that authentic heritage look anyway.

Mock timber windows from Reddish Joinery

Although we’re a company specialising in timber windows, it doesn’t mean that wooden products are the only thing we offer. We also offer a range of uPVC mock-timber windows from the renowned Residence 9 range; perfect if you want to cheat and get the look of authentic timber windows, without investing in the real thing.

Timber effect windows from the Residence 9 range: so authentic they fool the experts

Windows from Residence 9 are designed to emulate the appearance and operation of traditional 19th century wooden windows constructed from timber. The range itself is considered so faithful to the traditional design and aesthetic of timber windows that it can legally be used in conservation areas as an alternative to wooden windows. No other uPVC mock timber window has achieved this honour.

How does the range actually achieve such high levels of authenticity? The answer lies in three particular features:

1. Woodgrain foils that emulate timber grains and colours

A foil is a type of finish that is applied to window frame to achieve a particular texture and aesthetic. Woodgrain foils emulate the grain of a particular species of timber: a pattern of fibres seen in the cut surface of wood, so that the window achieves both the look, and the feel of real timber. It’s this exceptional level of detail that makes Residence 9 mock timber windows some of the most convincing on the market today. You can choose from Grained White, Cotswold Biscuit, Clotted Cream, Cotswold Green, Painswick, English Oak, Irish Oak, Silvered Oak, Golden Oak, Rosewood, Eclectic Grey, No. 10 Black and Corse Lawn colour and foil options.

2. Traditional mechanical jointing to emulate historical joinery

One of the main differences between Residence 9 mock timber windows and other uPVC timber effect windows available is the way that they are manufactured. Windows from the Residence 9 range are created using tradition joinery techniques, as opposed to being bolted together like other uPVC windows. An example of such a technique is the hand-finished, mechanical jointing that is used emulate the traditional construction methods used in timber windows. This improves the overall aesthetic of the window, as well as its thermal performance and durability.

3. An authentic range of iron, brass and steel hardware

Mock timber windows from the Residence 9 range are available with a range of historically accurate metal hardware, so that you can stay true to the individual aesthetic of your home. With

Why mock timber windows are a good investment

Mock timber windows are perfect for homeowners who are unable to maintain real timber windows for whatever reason. uPVC is an incredibly easy to maintain material, requiring just an occasional clean with soap and water to be kept working well and looking great. This makes it the perfect investment for mobility-restricted property owners. Timber effect windows are also a great value substitute for real timber windows; excellent if you’re working to a tight budget.

Invest in a mock wooden window from Reddish Joinery today!

To find out more about our collection Residence 9 mock wooden windows, give us a call on 0161 969 7474 or contact us here. We hope to hear from you soon.

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