Why stick to the standard? Plan your bespoke doors with Reddish Joinery

Last Updated: 2 August 2023

One of the homeowner’s most consistent struggles with home improvement comes in finding ways to make their property unique. Sometimes this can be achieved through something as ambitious as a newly added conservatory, interestingly coloured frames, but one method we at Reddish Joinery always recommend, is the integration of a bespoke door.

Helping you to better handle bespoke doors, we’ve put together some tips to ensure you don’t stick to the standard.

Bespoke timber patio doors

Colourful ways to go against the grain and make your entrance stand out

One of the simplest ways to revitalise your home using a bespoke door is by opting for a unique shade or colour tone. A finish that both makes sense within the wider surround of your main property’s aesthetic but is also unexpected. Sometimes this is achieved by implementing a classic tone like Chartwell Green within a modern structure, or equally vice versa.

This juxtaposition of mood serves to give the entrance in question a noticeably refreshed look and feel each time you step through the threshold. We at Reddish Joinery luckily feature a wide range of modern and authentic finishes, allowing us to cater to most homeowner style preferences. Some of the most popular colours include: Duck Egg Blue, Anthracite Grey, Rich Aubergine, and more woodgrain tones like Oak and Rosewood.

Achieving awkward sizes, widths, and stain styles

Bespoke timber door

We understand that, much like homeowners themselves, every property is different. Thankfully, we at Reddish are able to craft bespoke doors suitable for even the most awkward of aperture widths using what’s known as a CNC machine. It’s this ‘computer numeric control’ technology that allows us to cut out bespoke door slabs with the finest detail.

Once programmed, the machine lets us cut out required shapes and sizes more precisely, allowing us to cater for those slightly more specific installations. Elements such as handle placement, size and width can be accounted for much easier.

Configurable to both classic and contemporary properties

Perhaps the best part about opting for a bespoke door style is the fact that there are no rules or baggage, a factor which cannot be said for such styles as French, Composite, and Bifolding. Whereas most other front and back entrance options evoke a certain degree of the vintage or modern, creating your own solution from the ground up provides homeowners with the unique opportunity to achieve a never-before-seen style.

Bespoke doors that help create memorable entrances

If you’re someone who is concerned that there isn’t a door out there right for you, we at reddish Joinery might just have the perfect solution in beautifully hand-crafted bespoke doors. If you’d like to know more, contact us today either via online message or on 0161 696 7474.

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