Simple ways to add authenticity to your heritage home

Last Updated: 8 February 2023

White flush sash window

For many homeowners living in heritage homes, there can often quite understandably be a fear of disturbing the established authentic character when wanting to improve the property to be more in line with modern efficiency and security. When choosing Reddish Joinery as your chosen installer however, you can rest easy knowing that we offer a whole host of faithful uPVC and timber windows and doors that make a point of delivering the best of both worlds.

From low maintenance yet stylish flush sash windows to composite doors that look indistinguishable from original timber but offer ultimate security, we’re sure to have something in our range suitable to match your country cottage or Victorian home. Even our uPVC windows and doors come available in a selection of deceivingly convincing woodgrain foils, so there’s no longer any need to enjoy historical windows and doors with the historical drawbacks.

Accentuate your traditional home’s natural features

We see our products as a way of extending the natural features of your classic property as opposed to wholly new additions. There are various simple ways to add authenticity including the aforementioned woodgrain foils which come readily available in tones that include the dark richness of Rosewood and the light warmth of Antique Oak. Whatever authentic feel you wish to evoke with your new windows and doors, they will never fail to draw the eye.

Additional aesthetic features such as stained/textured glass elements and faithfully-styled hardware and furniture seamlessly are capable of merging in with your new flush sash windows, which will already look the part thanks to a window sash that sits perfectly flush within the frame, but be complimented further. Feel free to swap out and customise your choice of monkey tail handles, brass knockers, and other furniture options until you achieve your desired classic look.

A porch: a great feature of a Victorian home

Maintain a faithful style while enjoying modern comfort and efficiency

Despite their unabashedly classic style, our products always come fitted to remain weathertight and efficient for many years to come, locking in heat and therefore increasing the energy efficient and thermal insulation of your home. This means that any heat generated in your home will be less likely to escape, making you less inclined to switch on the central heating and so making it entirely possible for you to save on energy bills.

uPVC options such as our authentic flush sash windows also are a breeze to clean and look after when compared to their original timber alternatives which would often require repainting in order to stay looking fresh. You’ll be able to spend more time enjoying the newly replaced authentic windows and doors installed in your home and less time looking after them, or worrying that they’ll ever rot, warp, or swell during harsh weather conditions.

Authentic products from Reddish that compliment and never disrupt the heritage home

Using our 50 years of experience enhancing homes in the area, you can be assured that our windows and doors – although subtle – are a simple and effective way of adding authenticity to your home.

For more information on how we can apply our services to your ambitions, feel free to call our team on 0161 969 7474 or send us a message online.

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