Our simple guide to front door locks types

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Keeping your family and belongings secure is an essential requirement for a front door. However, many are unsure of how they are able to do this. Front door locks are one of the main ways. But, as there are various front door locks types in use, we’ve created this simple guide to explain what they are and how they keep homes secure.  

Multipoint locks

Multipoint locks are one of the most popular front door lock types, although they are also used on bifold doors, patio doors and French doors. They are usually operated by a euro locking cylinder, which is operated by a key. When engaged, multipoint locks secure the door into the frame at multiple points.

They usually have a minimum of 3 points, although it’s common for 5-point locks to be used. By securing the door at multiple points, it’s harder for would-be intruders to find a weak area they can apply pressure to and force the door open.

Euro locking cylinders

locking cylinder for a doorAlso known as a euro cylinder lock, euro locking cylinders are key-operated and when fitted to uPVC and composite doors, they engage a multipoint locking system with the turn of the key. However, they also engage mortice deadlocks when fitted to timber front door locks.

The best euro locking cylinders are either SS312 diamond approved or TS007 3 Star rated, and these protect against lock snapping, drilling, bumping and picking, which are all common techniques that burglars use to force entry into the home.

Our Safeguard composite doors are available with Ultion locking cylinders. These are SS312 diamond approved and continue to provide protection even after being snapped twice!

Mortice deadlocks

Mortice deadlocks are commonly fitted within the panel of a timber front door, rather than on the surface. They are key-operated and can be operated from both the inside and outside of the house. When the lock is turned, a bolt is inserted into the door frame, securing the door in place.

3-lever and 5-lever mortice deadlocks

There are 3 and 5-lever mortice deadlocks available, although the latter is more secure because it has more levers, and this decreases the chance of key duplication. You can identify them by looking at the leading door edge and checking to see if ‘5 LEVER’ is stamped on the lock’s faceplate.

The best 5-level deadlocks conform to BS3621, which is a British Standard for thief-resistant locks. In most cases when using mortice deadlocks are not approved to this standard, they are used in conjunction with night latches.

Night latch

When leaving the home and closing the door, night latches secure it behind you. This means you can leave the home without a key and know that your home is protected. They can also be secured from inside using a snib button. You might have heard also be referred to as Yale locks.

Rim lock

Hardwood door with heritage door lock

Like mortice deadlocks, rim locks are also used in conjunction with night latches, meaning doors fitted with them lock automatically upon closing. However, instead of being fitted within the door edge, rim locks are fitted on the surface of the door. They are often fitted to timber front doors and they can be locked from inside and outside with the use of a key.

What lock types are uPVC front doors fitted with?

Our uPVC front doors are secured at various points in their frames by high-security multipoint locks and these are engaged via key-operated euro locking cylinders.

What locks are composite front doors fitted with?

These are also equipped with multipoint locks and euro locking cylinders. Our Safeguard composite doors are fitted with market-leading Ultion lock cylinders, meaning they provide the ultimate protection against lock snapping, bumping and other forced-entry techniques.

What types of lock are timber front doors equipped with?

Blue entrance timber door

Here at Reddish Joinery, we fit our timber front doors with various multipoint locking systems; heritage slam shut multipoint locks, escutcheon key wind up and standard lever pad handle multipoint locking. We manufacture all our timber doors to the bespoke requirements of our customers, so you can choose the one that best suits your aesthetic requirements. 

Ultra-secure front doors installed in Manchester and Cheshire

Do you require a replacement front door that will keep your home safe and secure throughout the year? Reddish Joinery can help. Get a free, no-obligation quote today by calling 0161 969 7474 or contact us online.

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