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Last Updated: 28 September 2023

White internal doors

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the little things, the chips with the fish, the roll with the rock but with regards to many home improvement projects it can be all too easy to leave out the interior of your property. We all want our homes to be the talk of the street and with so many renovation options on offer it’s easy to for on-lookers to see the charm of your home’s outside, but what about when guests are invited in!? Internal doors from Reddish Joinery are the distinctive and charming solution.

Making every room transition something memorable

Internal doors are an exceptional way of defining space within the inside of the home, creating a distinctive boundary between the various rooms of your house either for additional safety or enhanced thermal efficiency. Every transition from room to room will be just as seamless as the last, creating a cosy and warm atmosphere that simply isn’t possible with other internal door styles.

Hardwood or softwood internal doors also help to replicate a quintessentially traditional look within the inside of your home, perfect for those who reside in an authentic heritage home and wish to reflect this internally also. Whether you prefer carpet, laminates or solid wood floors, our oak internal doors can act as just another piece of the décor!

internal hardwood doors

An extra barrier for thermal and acoustic insulation

Looking for an additional way other than triple glazing to help keep the home warmer? Timber internal doors are wildly effective at trapping heat in any room in which they are situated, even throughout the winter months. Timber is naturally insulating and is much more effective than uPVC or aluminium, it simply performs much better from an energy efficient point of view – the perfect choice for those wishing to insulate their home from the cold and unwanted noise.

Fully customisable and tailored to your needs

We make sure that all of our internal door styles are readily available in a plethora of various styles, material and glazing options to give homeowners the most design options possible. A softwood such as pine or a hardwood such as oak? Internal doors from Reddish Joinery are whatever you wish to make of them, made to measure on a customer by customer basis to ensure that every style blends seamlessly with the internal personality of your home.

We can readily incorporate additional glazing techniques within the frame to increase the light transmission and apply flush, style & rail and moulded panel styles. With so many configurations and design options, we’re confident that we’ll have something to suit almost every customer’s specific needs.

Charming and distinctive internal doors from Reddish

Now in its 3rd generation as a family-run business, Reddish Joinery are a fully professional yet personal team of installers with decades of experience enhancing homes throughout Warrington, Sale and beyond.

If you’d like to add a sense of both charm and elegance within your home’s interior as well as exterior, call us on 0161 969 7474 or  contact us online for a free quote.

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