Sale property enjoys timber makeover with Grey window and door set

Last Updated: 8 February 2023

Timber door

Att Reddish Joinery we can’t help but be excited when a homeowner contacts us in the hope of completely reinventing their property. While most definitely a mass undertaking, the results are always nothing short of astonishing, especially when a household’s windows and doors are being replaced entirely. We recently got the opportunity to experience this feat once again, this time for a beautiful brickwork home in Sale.

Tailor-made timber frames for the perfect fit

After meeting with the homeowner and undertaking a full assessment of aperture height and width sizes, we knew that it’d be best to engineer every frame purposefully. All windows and doors would be crafted using high-strength timber wood anyway, so making them bespoke made the most sense. As well as new windows, this Sale property would soon be able to enjoy a fresh front entrance, back entrance, and French doors.

We took extra special care throughout the entire process that this homeowner’s design preferences were followed by the closest detail. The front entrance for example, would make a simple but bold aesthetic statement, sporting a natural panelled design complete with chrome handle aligned in the centre. The back entrance integrates both a flap for the homeowner’s housecat as well as a window that evokes an inherently Georgian feel.

Letting the homeowners enjoy the best beauty and performance

Timber door with catflap

Choosing timber frames over uPVC already made giving this home a beautiful finish a relatively easy endeavour, but there were a few ways the Reddish team achieved such an impressive result. The first for example, in terms of the windows at least, was by fitting them to sit entirely flush within the frame, reminiscent a classic era that’s also neat and tidy.

Underneath all that natural beauty however are the equally impressive performance levels these units provide. Timber is a natural insulator, meaning that any present heat in this Sale home will always have a tough time escaping. The living space will stay comfortable 365 days a year instead of just specific seasons, reducing bills due to less reliance on artificial heating.

Understated Grey finish that compliments the brickwork exterior

In terms of the chosen finish, Grey was deemed the best choice since the very beginning of the project. Understated while bold at the same time, they complement the surrounding brickwork of the property very well. In the unlikely event that these Sale homeowners do tire of it, timber frames can be easily repainted to accommodate changing design trends and tastes.

Reddish Joinery: Transforming local people’s homes

Needless to say this particular was just as pleased with the end result as we were, proving just once again what a difference new windows and doors can do for the home – especially on such a large scale.

If you’d like to similarly benefit, contact the Reddish Joinery team today via 0161 969 7474 or online message.

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